It is worth pointing out that the Anzac oval site …

Comment on National Indigenous gallery process hijacked? by Ginnia.

It is worth pointing out that the Anzac oval site is in the high risk flood zone.
Just another very good reason the cultural centre should not be built there.
I remember a NASA scientist, Mary Burke (?) telling the people of Alice Springs that it is only a couple of hundred years since there was a flood here that was well over roof height.
Perhaps we should be relocating the CBD rather than trying to revitalise the area.
I remember an old timer telling a story about coming through the Gap in a horse and buggy and looking up into the old gum trees that are no longer there.
“Look at all the eagle nests dad!”
His dad informed him that it was flood debris in the top of the trees, not eagle nests!

Ginnia Also Commented

National Indigenous gallery process hijacked?
We have seen so much money wasted “revitalising” the centre of Alice Springs over the years.
Just look at how many goes they have had at the mall.
Nothing is going to stem the downturn in the economy or the departure of residents until something is done about the law and order problems in this town.
Also the unpleasantness … having to step around phlegm spat on the pavement every where, drunks shoving us out of their way, people abusing and yelling at each other etc etc.
Visitors being greeted by the these sights are not conducive to encouraging them to encourage others to vist the centre.
Fixing these long term problems would do much more to enhance Alice Springs than a one off, big dollars being spend on dumping a cultural centre in the middle of town.
Overseas visitors are being warned to stay away because of the law and order issues and yet we have to just put up with it?
Time to get priorities sorted out!

Recent Comments by Ginnia

Government accused of unfair competition
This argument has been discussed at VERY great length around Australia over the last few years.
There are many travellers who do not wish to pay the “bells and whistles” prices at caravan parks with all the extras such as pools etc.
These travellers will pretty much ignore towns that do not provide the cheaper options and the majority of businesses suffer because of a couple of caravan park owners!
Towns that provide the cheaper camping options benefit by having visitors stay, often for many days at a time, and spending money in the town.
For the benefit of the majority of businesses let’s keep the cheaper option going at the show grounds.

Anzac Oval will be site for gallery: Gunner
Why is it that long time residents’ opinions are totaly ignored by the “we’re here to make a quick buck before we move somewhere else” crowd?
Things we don’t want changed are changed by them and then they bugger off somewhere else, leaving us with their mess and loss of town character.

Allegations, no proof on bottlo shut-down
I am sick to death of grog shops in supermarkets and all that entails!
Why can’t grog shops be kept in completely seperate areas of town so we can do our shopping in peace.
The proliferation of grog shops is ridiculous in a town of this size.

Gallery at Anzac consult: council hurries to meet govt deadline
There is space, south of The Gap, to build a fantastic cultural centre and art gallery in a highly visable area near the college.
Instead the government is absolutely determined to squash the centre into a less attactive area, remove much needed car parking, and spend millions on building new sports fields.
Of course the government will not do any thing about replacing the car parking the residents this town council represent need to access the church, senior citizens, youth centre etc.
All round this project will be a disgusting waste of public money, a poorly designed project that could have been so much better.

Will gas royalties save the NT? Read the fine print.
Also remember, all gas wells eventually deteriate and fail. With the mining industry’s record of just leaving a mess behind when they abandon a mine, can the NT actually afford to all but give our gas away?

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