I remember President Nixon referring to the White House writing …

Comment on Scullion announces bonanza for Menzies by Michael Dean.

I remember President Nixon referring to the White House writing reams of nothing.
All the taxpayers money seems to get spent on endless reports and little on the people that need it.

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Sex work would devalue people’s homes
Would certainly make people join Neighbourhood Watch, I think.

Street kids: What cops can do
Quote: “If police were to locate youths as young as eight roaming the streets at night unsupervised, they ‘would utilise their powers pursuant to the Care and Protection of Children Act and ensure the youth is conveyed to a responsible person (under the Act) and notify Territory Families.'”
Maybe the police need to spend some time at night hanging around Coles and Yeperenye then they will see dozens of kids as young as eight they can use their powers on.
Or is it a case of, too many kids, take too long, wait until someone rings in with a crime then we will do something.

Kids & cops: All roads lead to Wakefield
From these answers it seems that a lot of reports may or may not be made to Territory Families, but then what happens?
While the report is being drawn up and sent off the kids are running riot around town day and night.

Senior Arrernte men take a stand: time to do something about young people causing trouble on their country
Looking back through the archives at this story, it was hoped this initiative might have helped the situation, but after tow and a half years the streets at night are worse off.
What happened after this meeting?
Did the actions mentioned happen or was it just a talk-fest?

Curfew: What else could fix youth crime?
I remember the summer of 2011 when things were bad in town, the police sent an extra 30 or so police from Darwin and there was a noticeable increase on the streets of the CBD of police numbers. Foot patrols, two or three police at a time.
This was reassuring at the time to the public and shop traders.
If a curfew leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the Government, then as a first step to improve the CBD, especially at night, have a “flood” of police at night on the streets.
Then back it up with penalties not just a warning note and be given back to the responsible adult who let them roam the streets in the first place.
Otherwise the police may as well change their motto from “to serve and protect” to “to catch and release”.

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