@War machine: I agree he’s essentially a good guy who …

Comment on Peace Pilgrim says he had permission to be on Pine Gap by Come in Spinner.

@War machine: I agree he’s essentially a good guy who acted with honourable intention and sound ethics.

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Govt tourism spend: The figures may be a real shocker
Alice Springs is not a tourist destination. It’s a smallville service centre with a poor reputation that sticks like Tanami mud.

Gallery: Gunner sticks with ANZAC Oval
@ Sam: #metoo.

Cops nab alleged grog runners
@ Interested Darwin Observer: The welfare industry fuels the economy of Alice Springs and it relies on perpetuating misery of the most venerable people.

Loop Road heading towards jobs
Good one Charlie! A little leg work for a great reward. The walk in would be an enriching experience for those able and willing to undertake it. Some people would miss out – so be it.

Will Loop Road take Alice back to tourism top?
The Hermannsburg historic precinct is the best in the Territory and a valuable asset for the community and Central Australia tourism.
The campground / caravan park in Hermannsburg is unsuitable for the majority of visitors who want a bit of freedom to wander around and check out their surroundings.
Much better all round to get something going out of town along the river somewhere.

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