@Obviousman. Seems we have ever changing laws. One day Pine …

Comment on Peace Pilgrims fight Pine Gap charges: their actions intended to defend themselves and others from imminent disaster by Stefanie Bennett.

@Obviousman. Seems we have ever changing laws. One day Pine Gap – by original law – was there for “The Defence Of
Australia”. That law ‘was changed'[!] & The Gap’s now a Defence Facility [???] No-one’s listening to the judge who freed the Peace Pilgrims [Judge Daynor Trigg] back in 2016 because The Pilgrims have had to return to trial Nov. 1st 2017.
Whose law have they broken? The one in Sept. 29th 2016? The law that’s now a Defence Facility? Certainly not the Aboriginals’ lore or land since peace & music isn’t a crime. What’s criminal is the game-
changing @ not calling Pine Gap out for what it is.

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Pine Gap: Important talks but who was listening?
“Important talks but …”
No-one listens these days, Erwin. Try having a chat or heart-to-heart talk with just about anyone. Attention spans are shot to hell. Anticipate a grunt or several syllables at most. So there you have it. Even the Mayor emails 36 words for locals the world to read. I ‘crimp’ his words.
Pine Gap has his support.
Re: Australia and [also] the economic benefit that goes to Alice Springs.

Pine Gap: protection or threat?
Well Kieran, your ‘Coverage’ ends all others. Is…
The Base threatening? There are those in Australia
& elsewhere who feel that ‘the only thing to fear
is fear itself.’ BULLDUST! The Pine Gap Threat is
upon us all & “The Fear” is real. Stefanie Bennett

Pine Gap protests in town, at base
John: I love the story and I would like to see a re-run of that sixty-niner. Wonder how far the old pinkie Simca would get today, though?
I’m no pussycat, just an old hen with several law brushes but I wouldn’t be dumb enough to take on what protects The Gap these days. Super-great-Grandma, Stefanie Bennett.

Pine Gap demonstrators provide real time images
Thanks Ian for some of The Gap’s background. I reckon very few attempt to understand what has
become a world theatre of errors.
Grubby self-interest multi nationals are on the make-and-take (as they’ve always been) while a large percentage of humankind can’t really be bothered to think through the murk and muddle of Trump decisions let alone our own Aussie pollies.
Recall Vietnam and agent orangeade the mega company rats Dow Chemicals plus Monsanto that hold our live food patents. Who feels safe?
Maybe The Flat Earth Society sticking their heads in the sand – backside up – not knowing a drone hit’s due and not even Saddam’s laughing.

Pine Gap demonstrators provide real time images
@ A ‘bit of light’ on Armageddon’s Pine Gap: We could have High Tea with Yellow Cake Icing & Picasso’s Guernica re-painted by numbers, plus Don Quixote crooning The Last Farewell – still … I prefer to suggest (and I’m no preacher) if things seem pointless then recall that one voice gives off an echo.
If you’ve forgotten how to dream, try once more.
Believe in the strength of love and its unity – for each day heads and hearts grow colder – as devastatingly cold as the on-coming nuclear night.
Imagine, we may even become and form a caring global family.
Freedom and Peace are for those with nothing left to lose.
Stefanie Bennett, Arts Action for Peace.

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