Why isn’t the site at the bottom of the range …

Comment on Art at Anzac oval: No new rugby fields, says Lambley by Formerly Alice.

Why isn’t the site at the bottom of the range used, off Bloomfield Street? Alternately, the triangle of land at the bottom of Bloomfield between the flats and the roundabout?
Surely these are better than destroying a field that the former government built and has been used for Rugby League since the 1960s.

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Four years after power warnings, old engines still carry load
How is the Brewer Estate Power Station still NOT operating?
Since the arrival of the massive engine, which came by road from Darwin, I have: Had three jobs, got married, had two children the oldest of whom is eight, bought two houses, sold one house and moved to Sydney.
All the meanwhile, the power station still isn’t operating?!

Oops, no heavy rain for Alice
A person identifies as a Weather Forecaster so they are accepted as same?
In that case, I identify as a Millionaire.


[ED – Dear Formerlocal4, by careful reading of our report you would have discovered that we described Mr Luke as a “Victoria-based independent weather forecaster” who “says he is not a professional but over 22 years has predicted drought, storms and floods”.]

A student should have led the chants: Jimmy Cocking
If climate change is a science, it cannot be “believed in”.
It either is, or it isn’t.

Gender-diverse Alice flocks to drag queen spectacular
As a tourist last weekend watching the parade go past, I was quite annoyed at the protestors who appeared to want to do nothing but piss off the police and annoy everyone.
They attempted to continue their protest at the conclusion of the parade, with their banners and offensive outfits – two in “pig” masks attempting to goad the police.
I am saddened that this publication gives them traction. Hijacking a social event for political gain is very poor form.

Meeting in CM office will be Transport Hall’s ‘make or break’
Heard similar things before: Remember when they were going to ban Finke due to rubbish?

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