Transport Hall of Fame important for town: Gunner

2472 Michael Gunner SM“I want the Road Transport Hall of Fame to continue providing the Alice Springs community and economy with much needed activity,” says Chief Minister Michael Gunner (pictured).


He was responding to a six-page irate statement last night by the Hall CEO, Liz Martin, about demands for information from the Department of Licencing.


She says the answers have either already given, are being prepared or are at present unavailable because of actions of a contractor – an issue energetically being pursued by the Hall.


Mr Gunner said the department “is assessing issues of compliance at the Hall of Fame.


“Beginning in August 2016, the Department of Trade Business and Innovation has provided the Hall of Fame with the use of one of our Small Business Champions, to assist with their compliance and governance.


“As recently as June this year, a small business champion has also offered assistance.


“The department of licencing are still working with the hall of fame and the business department’s offers of support still stand,” says Mr Gunner.


“The Hall of Fame creates tourism and economic activity for the Central Australian community, and I want more of that in Alice Springs, not less.


“I hate to see crime affect any business in the Northern Territory, and we are doing all we can to reduce crime in Alice Springs.”


The complex south of Alice Springs has been the target of thieves and vandals for years (google our reports).


Mr Gunner says police Operation Shulton “has just commenced in Alice Springs, in conjunction with our Summer in Alice strategy that will see programs and after hours services run throughout summer.


“Operation Shulton will see police out in force with a focus on engaging young people, proactive patrols of targeted ‘hot spot’ locations around Alice Springs and additional random breath test locations, but we are also encouraging people to get in touch with us and let us know what is going on.”


We are seeking comment from Ms Martin.




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  1. Fred the Philistine
    Posted November 30, 2017 at 5:33 am

    I have never read such rubbish in what Gunner is talking about.
    As he says the police are going to be proactive, they will certainly need to lift their game.
    As statistics shows, the NT police are the poorest in Australia (and I do not mean financially).
    I think they need to do their training in NSW or VIC, where they know policing.

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