Thanks for the alert, Robyn. I agree that the consultation …

Comment on Gallery: Friday is the day by Mandy Webb.

Thanks for the alert, Robyn. I agree that the consultation process appears to be far too limited, and I think that giving up Anzac Oval would be ridiculous.
There are lots of other options. (Wish the Supreme Court Building could be used – dead central and LOTS of vacant space inside!)

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Custodians decline meeting with council on gallery
Here’s an opportunity to drop the words “National” and “Art” and instead hopefully make some progress on an Aboriginal Central Australian Culture Centre. (I use the word Aboriginal rather than Indigenous because I was told by a highly regarded local Aboriginal man it is his preference.)
There is so much fascinating and impressive, but little known, information concerning how people survived for millenia in the harsh environment of this vast central region. Both locals and visitors would hopefully benefit in various different ways.

National Aboriginal Art Gallery: Anzac Oval off the table
What about Desert Knowledge Precinct as location for Indigenous Art and Culture Centre(s)? Lots of space there. South of the Gap. Government owned (?)

Voices call, Nature responds: Desert Song in the gorge
What a wonderful piece of writing and wonderful photos too. Congratulations and thanks to you both Kieran and Erwin. I did not get there, but the description was so good, it brought it all vividly to mind. cheers Mandy

Alice identity Maya Cifali remembers her girlhood in Egypt
Thanks for putting Russell’s and Kieran’s speeches in the Alice Springs News.
Very nice to be able to read them at leisure.
It’s a very interesting book Maya has written – what a great way to celebrate turning 80! Wow!

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