Since about 2013 Tellus has been spruiking a salt mine …

Comment on Hazardous waste facility near Alice recommended by EPA by Johannes Venter.

Since about 2013 Tellus has been spruiking a salt mine at Tjitjikala, more jobs for local people, improved infrastructure etc.
Those of us who know the salt business could not believe it. It is not cost effective to mine salt from under the earth.
We also discovered through studies that Tellus is not into salt, rather into storage of dangerous materials.
Low and behold in 2017 we now have an article that tells us what Tellus really wants to to do.
IT IS A HAZARDOUS WASTE FACILITY, right under the noses of an Aboriginal Community and pastoral leases.
NT residents especially around Alice Springs – wake up!

Recent Comments by Johannes Venter

Voices call, Nature responds: Desert Song in the gorge
Fantastic article, thank you very much.

Raising the bar: the art of keeping your shop safe
Beautiful to look at, we should all thank them for the hard work!
The work and article is inspiring – thank you very much.

Instagram boost for Kangaroo Sanctuary
Great to see Brolga doing so well. I lived in Alice Springs and I knew what he was trying to do. I did help in a very small way. There are many others that helps with rescuing kangaroos, but I have never met someone that has such a passion for kangaroos.
It is so good to see his efforts are paying dividends. Unfortunately he was given the run around by not only Tourism Australia. There are others who were also making life hard. But he kept working hard and has made a success. I just wish to congratulate Brolga and Tahnee on their success.
Also a big thanks for Erwin to publish this to support positive things that are happening in the Centre.

More hide and seek with de Castella’s marathon funding
Erwin: Good on you for raising this. Based on what you are publishing it looks like another instance where funds are misused and where the intended recipients don’t get the benefit.
The amounts for Mr de Castella and his companies are astonishing! It would be very interesting to see the argument on why it costs so much to organise training for the athletes.
Maybe this should go out to tender?
I would also suggest that John uses to make these things public.

Taxpayer funded NGO spends big on financial services
So who is the bookkeeper? And who is the accountant?
And why do they have to pay an external party to do that much bookkeeping and accounting?
Maybe some questions have to be asked.

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