@ 4 Interested: Whilst I have never received any benefits …

Comment on Hazardous waste facility near Alice recommended by EPA by Surprised!.

@ 4 Interested: Whilst I have never received any benefits from nuclear medicine (knowingly), but I have from technology. However I feel your statement is very generalised and possibly a little unfair.
Thanks to modern living, the requirement for nuclear medicine is possibly required more these days, so the debate is a bit chicken and eggish. We don’t have a choice but to embrace technology and that is a bit sad in itself.
In terms of taking ownership. Well, as in so many cases involving pollies, they make the choices and we live / pay for them, in kind, money or under sufferance.
If people weren’t so greedy in lost of ways, including with technology, perhaps we would pollute less. Alarming stats on the amount of rubbish after NYE in Sydney, but that’s a different article.
I would like to know what hazardous waste REALLY is, but in my sceptical mind, it doesn’t matter what they tell us, its what they don’t that alarms me.
After 61 years, nobody can tell me if butter is OK to eat yet and we are discussing the safe dealing with hazardous waste!
The Japanese are still dealing with Mimamata Disease which is still up there in the top 10 environmental disasters. But we’ll be OK as we don’t have any fish.
It’s akin to saying something is earthquake proof or tsunami proof.
Perhaps the major concern here is that we will have a money spinner! So the pollies will most likely start accepting other countries’ hazardous waste (who will check it to see if it complies with the rules, assuming there are some) and use the money to pay off some of our debt.
But rest assured, the Federal Government will somehow become involved, take their cut and use the facility.

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Hazardous waste facility near Alice recommended by EPA
The NT Government has managed to scare off all the Tourists, so perhaps this is their way to make up the deficit? 🙂
In the 50s the Americans cooked radioactive material into clay balls, crated them and dropped them into the ocean.
We are all paying for it now. So Alice Springs is destined to become a barren wasteland, but the pollies will be living off their super, in another land, smoking Cuban cigars.

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Further to my comment out of frustration albeit my belief this is all as a result of weak government and the wimpy do gooders.
We as taxpayers contribute all money the government has and a part of this it is allocated to serve and protect us.
We are clearly not protected nor are we allowed to protect ourselves or property.
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A big stick would be a simple solution until the government shows some balls.

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