It’s the old story: “There are problems, but they are …

Comment on Inquiry into fracking: Giving it the green light? by Ted Egan.

It’s the old story: “There are problems, but they are manageable.”
Let the government be aware of the attitudes of NT voters re fracking. The voters are the people to be affected; they know that we depend absolutely on the quality of the groundwater that we use.
Anything constituting a risk in that area is lunacy, both in health and political terms. Leave the gas where it is. Harness the sun, the wind and the tides for energy.

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Fracking well ‘unstable’
Until you know all the answers, don’t go there.
Ground water is the basis of survival in inland Australia, especially the Great Artesian Basin.
Yes, at least a moratorium to enable us to avert a real and imminent disaster.

Party full throttle in battle against fracking
Life is largely about “positioning” – how do we locate them in the phone book etc.
So a cleverer party name is essential. A catchy acronym should follow: whether you like them or not, ALP and CLP have a head start.
The cumbersome acronym re sexuality is a good example of how not to do it.
BF******** invites dodgy play on words.
I think the platform of “ban fracking and restore law an order” will be popular.

A living connection with the past
A beautiful reminiscence, Jose.
We are all so proud of you and the pioneering deeds of you and your family.
Our heritage is so unique.
As the father of kids who did School of the Air in its early days I know and appreciate what a formidable education system teachers like Tom Kissell implemented for our bush kids.
I can still see Tom riding his bike around town, as did Charlie Rye, waving to all and sundry. They were better days.

Claire Hockridge found dead
The important fact is that Aboriginal women are so much better than men at tracking.
Let’s get a team of say ten old women around 60 years of age to be assembled, registered and on a list ready for the next “dirt road” situation.
They would need to verify that they do not drink alcohol or take drugs and start to implement the training of a team of younger women. This sort of incident will not be the last.

Claire Hockridge found dead
One of the problems old people like me have to cop is that the eyes of listeners glaze over if you make suggestions based on many years of experience.
Particularly does this apply to issues regarding First Australian matters. Everybody knows better.
For sixty years I have been suggesting to NT Police that they employ Aboriginal women as trackers.
OK, I am aware that many of the old skills are gone and that drugs and alcohol have been disastrous influences on Aboriginal lifestyle, but there are still plenty of old Aboriginal women who are around, don’t drink, don’t take drugs and are still capable of quickly resolving situations like Chamberlain, Falconio and this present fiasco.
The police should employ a team of say, 10 old women who are non drinkers and don’t use drugs, pay them a retainer to be on call and then immediately take them to the scene of the crime, or in this case, the bogged vehicle.
Equally importantly, stop inept “searchers” from blurring the obvious facts.
Ted Fogarty has shown the importance of recognising and following tracks in this case. He is one of many pastoralists who could have provided guidance in this and similar matters.
I must concede that it is amazing that two have survived: more good luck than good management.
How does the song go: When will they ever learn?

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