@ Researcher: The caterpillars came from different directions for ceremonies …

Comment on The eternal chase: songlines of the Seven Sisters by Nicole Laughton.

@ Researcher: The caterpillars came from different directions for ceremonies at Mbupa.
Just like people country has skin names which are identified through the songlines.
It was kngwarraye women who married into the Mbupa Boundary.
The Apmereke Artwe line is extinct because the last Apmereke Artwe (The Emu Man) only had daughters.
There is only one law if people want to talk for country and that is corroborree.
If you got no corroborree then you should not be talking as a professional in regards to country. If you have got corroborree then bring it.
The Utnerrengatye Caterpillar came from Warre Therre and finished up at Mbupa.
My family are also the ones who speak for the Utnerrengatye just through a different ancestor.
By the way, the anthropolgists didn’t always get it right and the old people didn’t tell them all of our secrets.

Nicole Laughton Also Commented

The eternal chase: songlines of the Seven Sisters
Ilperenye (the green beetles) prepared to fight the caterpillars as they approached Warretherre from the north.
The caterpillars escaped by going into the ground and travelled to another place called Antherrke (same name as Emily Gap) meaning caterpillar’s guts. They travelled past the Arltunga road at a place called Aleyekemele then eventually to Emily’s Gap.
They stopped at several places along the way; Ilpirulcha, Achilpa-Interninja, Laliknaka, Chalipma and I-yatherka.
In the meantime the green beetles travelled at a much faster pace. Ilperenye sat down and waited at Ankarratherrketherrke.
Looking back they saw the caterpillars coming. Then there was a violent fight between the beetles and the caterpillars, many of the caterpillars had their heads bitten off.
Ilperenye also fought here with the caterpillars that came from the south west (from Ewrlpe) and did the same to them.
According to Rauwiraka and Utnadata III: The ancestral emu men left Ankararinja at Ankarretherrketherrke when they travelled to Mount Undoolya for men’s business from Ooroomina.
The Emu woman was there at Ankarretherrketherrke all this time, she never went anywhere since her father left her there, and she had a big feed of caterpillars after the battle.
Not much has been recorded by the white people in regards to women’s law but women’s law is still strong. Having been handed down through the generations orally since time began.
I know who I am and I know who my ancestors were.
Why are you hiding behind your alias of Researcher? I predict that you are one of the convenient manipulations who is a beneficiary of the Yeperenye Nominees, trying to protect your [improperly obtained] assets.
The songlines are about kinship and who is related to who, they tell us everything. There is only one law and that is corroborree. It is the caterpillars who are in the wrong here as they were only visitors to this place. Like I said the first time convenient manipulations benefitting in the name of oppression.
I will not bother with debating this further with you because you obviously think that you have and know everything. If you are so confident in your knowledge why are you hiding your identity? Don’t bother answering that because I really don’t care – all I know is that my family have our corroborree.

The eternal chase: songlines of the Seven Sisters
I Nicole Laughton of Alice Springs wish to make this public statement in the name of
my fullblood Arrernte Mbuparinya ancestor Ankararinja of Ankarretherrketherrke:
1) Native Title was won over Alice Springs with a women’s ceremony.
2) Women cannot talk for men, likewise men cannot talk for women.
3) The caterpillars are not the ceremony holders of the Yeperenye Dreaming.
4) The Yeperenye Dreaming is the ceremony that won title for the Arrernte people over Alice Springs.
The caterpillars came from four different directions for ceremonies at Mbupa (Mbupa is the true name of the central Arrernte boundary. The Mbuparinya are the true bosses of Alice Springs).
The caterpillars were intruding, and had their heads chopped off by the Green Beetles aka Ilperenye before the Emus were called in to feast on the caterpillars, the Emus being the Seven Sisters gathered on the south side of the ranges for women’s ceremonies.
5) Mbantua is not a real clan group. Mbantua is only a tree down the Todd River near St Philip’s School.
Mbantua is the visitors name for this place. The real name of Mbantua (the tree down the creek) is Tjoritja.
6) The ceremony holders are the direct descent bloodlines of Ankararinja of Ankerretherrketherrke whose father was the last Apmereke Artwe of the Central Arrernte boundary. His name was Palingaruku and was also known as Inkurrknabuna (Coolibah Swamp Dweller). He was an Emu Man – the white people knew him as Legrope. He worked on Undoolya Station in the late 1800s.
7) The voices of the direct descent bloodlines of Ankararinja of Ankerretherrketherrke are being suppressed by certain individuals who are financially benefiting through the native title body Lhere Artepe as well as the Central Land Council. They are illegally trading with the Government.
8) The Central Land Council and later Lhere Artepe have time and time again failed in their duty of care to Ankararinja’s descendants by way of not acknowledging their existance. This is why people believe that the caterpillars are the bosses of Alice Springs. Only the first part of the story has been publicly told, the rest of the story is not commonly known to many people but has been documented.
A major aspect of the Yeperenye Festival was to welcome home the Stolen Generations. Lhere Artepe has been overrun by displaced mixed bloods who do not know who they are yet obviously feel they are just in their acknowledged traditional owner statuses.
This is the main reason that the other tribes do not respect the Arrernte when they visit this town.
9) The Central Land Council is not an Aboriginal organisation. They do not ethically and fairly represent the Aboriginal People.
The Central Land Council exist for the sole purpose of legitimising trade on behalf of the Government for world trade purpopses.
10) The Land Council, Lhere Artepe and the Government have failed in their duty of care to be ethical and fair to the descendants of Ankararinja. That is why there is so much unrest in Central Australia.
11) Today Ankararinja’s descendants are all of mixed race blood. Many of Ankararinja’s descendants have been documented largely as children who were placed in all three of the historical half caste kids’ homes all known in the past as the Bungalow.
12) It is well known that these children were sent away with the soldiers’ wives in the evacuation of the NT when Darwin was bombed in WWII.
Some of these descendants never came home but many of them did. The ones who did are the ones who have this ceremony, it is ours through our own existance.
13) Lhere Artepe is out of control and the whole structure of their existence needs to be re-looked at and we request an inquiry into our claims.
14) We believe that the troubles we now face as a community overall, all stem from the injustices we have faced in our existance.
The main contributors being lateral violence as other families less fortunate in knowledge / identity are stuck in the survival mode that is a result of colonisation.
15) We have had an apology from the government for displacing our elders. This is a sorry that means nothing to us, as we as the true bloodlines of this country take a back seat to the convenient manipulations who in the name of oppression benefit at our expense.
It is not the responsibility of the Arrernte People to clean up the mess that past societies under government policies have created.
16) We, as the direct descent bloodlines, request this is addressed in a fair and equitable manner under the watchful public eye.
Yours sincerely,
Nicole Laughton on behalf of the voiceless descendants of Ankararinja of Ankarretherrketherrke Mbupa.

[ED – The Alice Springs News Online has offered Lhere Artepe and the Central Land Council the right of reply.]

Recent Comments by Nicole Laughton

Gunner says fresh talks about gallery at Anzac Hill precinct
It is very pathetic how people claiming to be Central Arrernte identify as Mbantuarinja.
Mbantua means meeting place to ceremony visitors.
Everyone belonging to a ceremony that travels across different clans and tribes by way of songline is referred to as Mbantuarinja.
If you refer to yourself as Mbantuarinja it means you are not on your direct ancestors’ country but you visit the place referred to as Mbantua as a part of ceremony. Native Title was put over Alice Springs by ceremony visitors.
To be able to call yourself Mbantuarinja means that you have ceremony to connect.
Who holds the Ceremonies for Central Arrernte? I can tell you right now Mbantuarinja are visitors who should have ceremony.
So who are the ceremony holders and where is your proof?
It’s shit like this that people trying to be our leaders don’t address that is pretty disgusting.
Everything has turned to shit and it seems all those people who are collecting royalties as Central Arrernte are all a bunch of money hungry [people] in bed with the corporations illegally trading with them.
In whose law are you allowed to speak for what does not belong to you?
How does an Anmatyere mother and Luritja father equal Central Arrernte?

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