Thankyou Erwin for your honest opinion. It’s such a shame …

Comment on Fracking consultation meaningless charade by Braedon Earley.

Thankyou Erwin for your honest opinion. It’s such a shame that your counterparts don’t share your honesty. The fracking inquiry has long been thought of as an expensive / distracting attempt by a Gunner Government short on ideas and economic credentials as the answer to their economic woes – created by the Henderson Government in the first place.
The fracking inquiry, run by people we Territorians we have never heard of, and will never hear of again after the inquiry, is a massive JOKE on us, the temporary care takers of this precious land. The inquiry was set up to seduce us into believing that fracking can continue with what ever rubbish rules and regulations they put in place.
It’s a sad day when the population is to be convinced that fracking is a good thing, in the full knowledge that the safety of our water ways and water tables cannot be guaranteed if fracking is allowed.
But that wont be a problem for the Pepper panel, they won’t be here in the next couple of months or the ensuing years to drink our water. Only we will.

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‘Gunner the Betrayer’
I agree with Bruce. I can also confirm that Sandra Nelson gave me an undertaking (as did the lying Labor Bastards that we did a preference deal with) that she was against fracking and would not let it get up in the Territory, hence she got my preferences in Katherine, which she won on.
As the next Territory election draws close watch the FAILED cowards run for the hills and not contest their seats. Watch as the spending starts to go through the roof in regional NT, particularly around Aboriginal communities, but more importantly watch the lies that fly from both parties’ mouths.
But remember this, the Territory has never been in such dire economic straits whist at the cusp of destroying our greatest asset and draw card – our environment. Thanks to both the CLP and the ALP.

NT at the bottom of the barrel
What is sad, Gary, is the part you and the CLP played during the last term of Government.
Put your hand up and take some responsibility for the current status quo.

Town Council: protect Alice water from fracking
Don’t Frack the Northern Territory.
Short sighted politicians, and their advisers are destroying the Northern Territory. Let’s leave a positive footprint and environment for generations to come.
As for Price, surely some disciplinary action is warranted.

Price family were sole complainants against Cocking & Satour 
Jacinta do the right thing, resign from the Federal election race, you have proven your skill set beyond reasonable doubt.

Satour & Price seeking legal advice in Code of Conduct saga
Can you just imagine Price in Federal politics?
If her behaviour in the Alice Springs Council is an example of what she does when she gets a bit of power? Her behaviour and targeting of fellow councillors is un-Territorian.

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