Thankyou Erwin for your honest opinion. It’s such a shame …

Comment on Fracking consultation meaningless charade by Braedon Earley.

Thankyou Erwin for your honest opinion. It’s such a shame that your counterparts don’t share your honesty. The fracking inquiry has long been thought of as an expensive / distracting attempt by a Gunner Government short on ideas and economic credentials as the answer to their economic woes – created by the Henderson Government in the first place.
The fracking inquiry, run by people we Territorians we have never heard of, and will never hear of again after the inquiry, is a massive JOKE on us, the temporary care takers of this precious land. The inquiry was set up to seduce us into believing that fracking can continue with what ever rubbish rules and regulations they put in place.
It’s a sad day when the population is to be convinced that fracking is a good thing, in the full knowledge that the safety of our water ways and water tables cannot be guaranteed if fracking is allowed.
But that wont be a problem for the Pepper panel, they won’t be here in the next couple of months or the ensuing years to drink our water. Only we will.

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Most money for mining, military
To attract real independent investment, that is money not subsidised by this Gunner Government, investors require confidence in the economy to invest.
Investment usually attracts its own share of risk, return and opportunities for others involved in the same investment activities.
I put it to you and your readers, where is the confidence in the Gunner Government? What have they done but erode the confidence of investors in the Northern Territory?

NT party changes name to make its point
@Tim Dixon, we are not copying anyone mate, nor are we quoting other parties name as an example.
We are genuinely interested in serving the people of the NT.
The name covers three out four of the biggest issues holding the Territory and its people back, the fourth being the economy.
We have economists, lawyers, accountants and scientists in our party, to mention a few, behind our policy teams.
We even have artists as well.
But to make fun of us and dismiss us, might be a bit premature and could be a mistake. Cheers.

Labor, CLP discuss preference swaps: Scott McConnell
This does make sense, for the CLP and the ALP to preference each other, if they don’t they could both face oblivion.
But the problem is, the two party preferred counting system by the commission, if one of them isn’t picked as one of the two, both could lose the count. Designed for only two parties contesting.

CLP candidate Ryan compromised as town’s negotiator
The gene pool for CLP candidates is so shallow, that “no diving” signs were up during preselection.

Is Beetaloo worth fracking? Study raises doubts.
You need to ask yourself, is it a reserve or a resource?
And has the potential resource question been put to the Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC)?
If you don’t know the answer, then how can you possibly put a value on it or even begin to draw up an environmental management plan on the same?
“Potential bonus of helium” – so is there helium or not? Don’t know? Because they don’t know what they are dealing with.
I once had the leading joke from Pangea tell me: “I can see three thousand metres into the earth’s surface.”
I said yeah right, what’s my hand doing under this table?” He nearly lost his sh@#.
The real answer is they don’t know what they are going to find, what damage they are going to do and they sure as sh@# don’t know how to fix what ever they break.

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