WOW. What a terrible shame. Liz is a fantastic ambassador …

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WOW. What a terrible shame. Liz is a fantastic ambassador for tourism. Something this town needs desperately.
All of the people at THF work tirelessly and passionately, only to be squashed by the Governments stupidity and inflexibility.
Yet another clear demonstration of our pollies’ lack of skills.
Perhaps if THF was in Darwin, they’d get more support.

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Liz Martin says goodbye and good luck
I received an email this morning from the NTG: “The Northern Territory Government has announced a new $103 million tourism stimulus package to accelerate the growth of the Territory’s tourism industry in 2018.
Starting immediately and rolling out over this and the next financial year, Turbocharging Tourism will deliver:
• $26.57 million for smarter and more targeted tourism marketing;
• $56.24 million for new tourism infrastructure creating more memorable experiences for our visitors; and
• $20.78 million to enhance our existing festivals, events and other experiences”
Clearly Transport Hall of Fame is in the excluded category!
Surely the government would see the sense in supporting the TFH, rather than simply throwing our money around on new ventures?
THF is a proven attraction.
But since when does the government exhibit any common sense.
As for the comments about the “books” going missing. Well, I have many times, experienced the government misplacing “books” or documents. But they are bigger, so they are allowed to get away with it.
In this day and age losing the “books” is an unnecessary thing, because it should all be done electronically.
Perhaps instead of condemning THF, we should be providing some support ($) to assist them with an improvement in technology.

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Now that the Rock can’t be climbed, visiting it will cost more
@ Scott: To compare the AFL or movies is an unfair comparison. These are commercial entities which are not prepaid by the taxpayers.
I have and always will take issue with having to pay to visit things I already pay for in my taxes.

Salt mines and tourism: bread and circuses
Lindsay and Alex, you both raise some very good points.
Whilst the company involved is clearly looking at the commercial aspects first, which makes perfect sense, in my opinion it is the government that needs to provide the missing transparency.
People no longer trust the government and that is the crux of the issue.
They (the government) are so intent on finding as many dollars as possible in order to pay for previous mistakes and coupled with their short sighted objectives, will ultimately result in the Federal government stepping in to the NT.

Big drops in grog crime, break-ins on way down: police
Statistics are wonderful things. I’m unsure why everyone is so sceptical about them.
There’s was a story about a certain car manufacturer in Australia that doubled their sales in a year !
They sold their second vehicle at the end of the first year.

No power for eight hours on hot, humid day
This fiasco has become quite concerning. This is the same government that financially penalises the IT provider, for not swapping a computer keyboard on time, yet has the audacity to allow an essential service to regularly fail, with no thought of compensation to the customer.
Unstable and erratic power supply is becoming a major and costly concern for all.
Interestingly in SA, they send a cheque by way of an attempt to recompense for loss of food and a form of apology.
The NTG are far too arrogant for that and it is very disappointing, but we continue to accept and support incompetence.
For how much longer?

Election 2020 salvos fired with Alice the first battleground
Perhaps we could all vote for the independents instead of the major parties, that would send a clear message.

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