WOW. What a terrible shame. Liz is a fantastic ambassador …

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WOW. What a terrible shame. Liz is a fantastic ambassador for tourism. Something this town needs desperately.
All of the people at THF work tirelessly and passionately, only to be squashed by the Governments stupidity and inflexibility.
Yet another clear demonstration of our pollies’ lack of skills.
Perhaps if THF was in Darwin, they’d get more support.

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Liz Martin says goodbye and good luck
I received an email this morning from the NTG: “The Northern Territory Government has announced a new $103 million tourism stimulus package to accelerate the growth of the Territory’s tourism industry in 2018.
Starting immediately and rolling out over this and the next financial year, Turbocharging Tourism will deliver:
• $26.57 million for smarter and more targeted tourism marketing;
• $56.24 million for new tourism infrastructure creating more memorable experiences for our visitors; and
• $20.78 million to enhance our existing festivals, events and other experiences”
Clearly Transport Hall of Fame is in the excluded category!
Surely the government would see the sense in supporting the TFH, rather than simply throwing our money around on new ventures?
THF is a proven attraction.
But since when does the government exhibit any common sense.
As for the comments about the “books” going missing. Well, I have many times, experienced the government misplacing “books” or documents. But they are bigger, so they are allowed to get away with it.
In this day and age losing the “books” is an unnecessary thing, because it should all be done electronically.
Perhaps instead of condemning THF, we should be providing some support ($) to assist them with an improvement in technology.

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Thinking big, anyone?
@ 2 Ralph Folds: Ralph, we had a very productive steel mill in Whyalla for one.
I think you may find Mt Peake CAPEX ($800m) is a pre production forecast only.

Country Liberal Party: custodians ignored on gallery
@2 Jack Nelson: Jack disagree entirely. In this capitalist society, he who pays, makes the rules.
Like it or lump it.
The money is never a moot point.

Thinking big, anyone?
As I understand it, Australian steel has always been good quality. It was manufactured with the correct quantities of the elements that made it right for any given job. I have seen paragraphs where Australian Steel is a specification. As different to imported steels using Australian iron ore.
Whilst labour costs is Australia are quite high, compared to I guess China, the finished proven product is almost certainly worth the “extra” cost in the long run. Manufacturing in Australia was allowed to be decimated by the various governments. It costs thousands of jobs and the associated costs with that.
There is no reason why we couldn’t export steel rather than iron ore. There is no reason why we couldn’t export aluminium instead of bauxite.
Time to look at the true “costs” and pursue the sustainability that seems to be a current buzz word. Cheap should never be confused with value. There are a lot of us that want cheap and value and that is an unrealistic expectation.
The COVID-19 saga has highlighted our vulnerability to certain countries, through our own (supported by our Government) greed and short sightedness.
Time to take stock and see what is truly sustainable and start manufacturing in Australia and keeps jobs here.

Printed Centralian Advocate soon to fold
Well great news from my perspective. Everyone jumping on the support local, but the Murdoch group is hardly Local. I don’t recall ever seeing an ad from the NT Goverment in the Alice Springs News, which I think is very hypocritical considering they are one of the buy local advocates.
It just clicked, perhaps when they were told they should be advocates, the minions mistakenly thought the bosses meant to place the ads in the Advocate, instead of the local paper, the Alice Springs News!
So let’s not pretend anymore and start supporting local and now that the Advocate is gone, I guess there will be at least some ads placed by the government we own and the Town Council we also own.

CLP on royalties: Would miners still call the tune?
It makes me feel so inspired, warm and fuzzy when people use Latin to show their superiority (especially pollies). Makes is all rush for google and enlighten our ignorance and feel so much better for understanding Polly Speak.
Calculation of royalties is not that hard. We don’t need any Latin in the calculations I don’t think.
Everyone just needs to be fair and honest.
Agree on the formula and miraculously you can work out the numbers from there or if fortuna favet audaci, you can use an abacus.
For goodness sake why do we waste so much time on political nonsense when it could be so easy.

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