Firstly Liz. Let me say I admire your courage to …

Comment on Liz Martin says goodbye and good luck by Jerry Fitzsimmons.

Firstly Liz. Let me say I admire your courage to speak out.
Your commitment to our town I also acknowledge.
Your efforts to survive, which you have outlined are almost beyond belief-but like so many of us in Alice would know, having to deal with those lobbed into a position of authority, and I wish to emphasise lobbed, it can be onerous.
What you have diligently outlined is a story so many of us in the Territory have often had to grapple with.
Nowhere else in this wonderful part of Australia would the people, it appears, you have had to answer to, hold down or survive in a job.
However, one thing rest assured is certain is that those who have pulled rank on you will have to deal with, one day, what they themselves are creating-and it ain’t nice, believe me.
Liz, thank you for what you gave to Alice Springs, in many ways.

Recent Comments by Jerry Fitzsimmons

‘Save Anzac Oval’ motion defeated
Councillors Melky, Satour, Cocking and Banks – your support and motion to clearly dispel any previous confusion about the government’s preference to build on or at Anzac Oval because of its proximity to the CBD and furthermore to be heard supporting the outcome of the council survey was noted by all present at the council meeting last night.
Likewise, to all the speakers who provided reasoned debate to consider alternatives to Anzac Oval being the “chosen” venue, your voices were also heard.
It is sad to be a resident and hear such disharmony and to come away believing that a democratic process such as the survey outcome, carried out in a transparent way by council staff, whom councillor Melky publicly congratulated, is not being acted on.
Why have the survey?

Ilparpa dongas depot: Will Tony Smith get a permit?
There is a history of Mr Smith and his dongas. Northside Action Group (NAG) were involved then, many years ago here in Alice Springs, and if needed, I can comment to those concerned about the current situation.
No one would wish to interfere with Mr Smith’s business plans, which may be of great benefit to our community, but as with the past, listen to what the local people affected have to say and most important of all, CONSULT with the community affected, first.
They may have other ideas that would ultimately assist Mr Smith’s business ventures.

Memo Club for 24/7 youth centre?
When adding to the 14 comments below which I value, I would very much concur with and encourage these comments of Steve Brown, “… this is not a government initiative, this is a community movement”.
Everyone’s contribution is valuable, we are all affected.
The first step or stage is to come together, to listen, to participate, to accept that everyone has a history or a story to tell about being young.
Express ideas that may somehow spark this movement into a way forward.
Let’s all take the first step by being prepared to help each other, by being prepared to hear great community sense and by just turning up on the day to the forthcoming forum.
An invitation to the youth of Alice Springs needs to be encouraged for this initiative to move forward as one.

Putting a dollar figure on volunteering
Let me add this quote by Sherry Anderson: “Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they are priceless.” Says it all.

Problem kids: The whole town must help
Steve, I love and support your concept. You use terms such as, “ask ourselves, what would it take to change that hostility into friendship” and “… in creating this culture of inclusion we will bring enormous and lasting change”.
Your concept deserves great applause and I for one fully support the concept of the 24/7 CBD initiative proposed by you.
Naturally such a brave initiative requires the usual things that make people hesitant like “who will fund it,” who will co-ordinate it, who will have a representative voice for young people, and so on”, but I’m sure you have given this all great thought for such a great concept.
Steve, I fully support you on this one. Would be happy to be part of raising community awareness of the concept and I’m not politically affiliated.

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