I’m on the committee and the compliance officer for one …

Comment on Liz Martin says goodbye and good luck by Ben.

I’m on the committee and the compliance officer for one of the other clubs who is apparently being investigated.
It’s interesting that they cited us as also being non compliant. One because we have never been notified, two because we ARE compliant (KPMG and the NTG said so) and three because even if we weren’t, that should be kept confidential.
I’ve worked in finance for 26 years and been a CPA for 17. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a better grasp of the regulations than the department.
Best of luck Liz, but there is one part that they are right on. “The accountant lost my books” isn’t an excuse. Might be time to switch firms.

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Farm area needs better broadband: Paech
Good work Chancey.
Your first press release in eight weeks and you are all over the NBN issue. An issue you have absolutely no authority over.
It’s lucky nothing significant has happened in your electorate like two domestic violence murders or a prison riot. God help us all if you looked into dealings at the CLC and their commercial arm Centercorp, or the broken promise that the 30 new cops in town have all left, or that independent report that the police commissioner has that says to do the job you are asking, they need $18m more?
Yup, it’s so nice to live in an electorate where NBN is the biggest issue.

High risk drug lab in Alice suburb
To be fair, they must have had some skills. Okay, maybe not a degree in chemistry, but some knowledge.
If they were as big as the news is saying, they would have self destructed by now.
Still, real criminals use vans to move their labs around in.

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