Hi Liz, I was so shocked at this news, which …

Comment on Liz Martin says goodbye and good luck by Mike and Maxine Beale.

Hi Liz, I was so shocked at this news, which I had just stumbled across, that I had to read your notes to the end. It has brought a tear to my eyes as well.
Your connection to the historical trucking industry has just been shattered by bumbling government twits who, I believe, cannot see past the nose on their faces or face the reality of what you and your volunteers have achieved over the past 25 years or more.
I and the members of the committee thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the museum in August 2016 for the AGM of the Australian Historic Motoring Federation.
It was a wonderful eye opener for myself and my wife Maxine, great to meet a person such as yourself with a brilliant knowledge of the transport industry within Australia.
I feel it was an absolute honour to meet someone with your vision, tenacity and devotion to such an iconic facility in Alice. It is one of the reasons that we both want to return to Alice to see more of the area.
You will be sorely missed from that environment but whatever you do next I know you will succeed. From myself, my wife all the members of the AHMF committee we wish you all the best for the future hope we catch you again soon.
Best wishes,
Mike Beale
President AHMF
President Namoi Valley Antique Vehicle Club, Narrabri NSW

[ED – Please note our updates to that story.]

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