So Jacinta is well on the way to being a …

Comment on Jacinta Price reneges on council undertaking by Surprised!.

So Jacinta is well on the way to being a “good” polly … breaking promises.
In fairness though, I guess it’s a good opportunity for her career.
I do dislike it though, when people promise something and then do something different.
But, she will have a hard time against Warren Snowdon, but I hope she succeeds.

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Is it time for a First Nations university?
I am unsure if it’s such a good idea.
I feel it may promote the already large gap between people.
I am of the understanding that white people would not be allowed to enrol and if that is the case, it is clearly racist.
Somebody asked who would fund this, well perhaps a consortium of the royalty receivers could, so that everyone has skin in the game and hopefully work together to make it a success.
If it goes ahead, it is imperative that the standard of education be maintained or it risks insulting and undermining the Indigenous people who previously worked so very hard and achieved great heights in the existing facilities.

US military base in Darwin: what risk to NT?
We all know how desperate Gunner must be to at least put one run on the board, so perhaps it’s as simple as an injection of $300m and the ongoings from that, plus the additional spend of the military personnel.
Based on the bullshit income the government tells us the red centre Nats brings in (BTW I like the Nats) we’d be set for life!
The Gunner induced deficit would disappear like a mushroom cloud in a tornado.

Why the NT Govt sacked the volunteers managing an icon
@ AScomment: It’s about the government giving its support to this icon.
Some mentoring may be beneficial rather than heavy handed tactics.
As someone pointed out, the government can’t even get its own arse in gear, or for that matter our taxpayer money.
At least the THF hasn’t put us in any debt !
At least the THF runs on passion unlike the government who is run by parasites.
I’m a director and a CEO so I understand the importance of good governance but also understand the importance of mentoring over bullying.
It’s a pity the government can’t sort its own mess out first.
I say apologise to Liz and the crew and offer some genuine assistance.

Soy sauce now only from a bottlo
You have to be kidding ?!*!

Why the NT Govt sacked the volunteers managing an icon
Again I say, perhaps it’s one of the only booming tourist attractions, so the government wants it so they can tick the box that says their advertising campaigns are working.

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