Until the parents take responsibility and or are held accountable …

Comment on Will we say sorry to the Abandoned Generation in 10 years? by Surprised!.

Until the parents take responsibility and or are held accountable for their children’s actions, things will only get worse.
Until society accepts that a unified approach to addressing the issues is accepted, things will only get worse.
Until we stop blaming our childhood for our adult actions, things will only get worse.
Until we show respect for each other, things will only get worse.
Until we cease revisiting the Stolen Generation (when it suits us) and accept that it happened, was managed abhorrently, people were treated cruelly, it should never have happened that way, but until we move on, things will only get worse.
On the Stolen Generation, people never seem to mention the thousands of children from the UK, supposedly orphans (many weren’t) forced to come to Australia in the 50s to 70s, so it was not only the Aboriginal children that were the Stolen Generation.
What many seem to ignore or accept, is that the fact that this happened, has in many cases provided opportunities that these people may never have had and many have attained great things because of this.
Before some readers arc up at this comment: No, the ends doesn’t justify the means.
We as a society have made some horrible mistakes and inflicted lots of suffering to our fellow man and to our world.
This downfall of society and the moral values such as respect, honesty, integrity and many other things is only exacerbated by our politicians’ weak leadership, their convenient morals and our own apathy as a whole.
We all need to move on, stop revisiting the past and build a better world for us all.
Let us start by adopting a unified approach to deal with the real issues, learn from our mistakes and use this knowledge for the benefit of our society.

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Shooting, not selling feral camels
@ Chris Le Page: I agree with your comments. The logistics of mustering and transportation is a real issue. You would need to set up trap yards and have feed and water available and possibly cool rooms.
You could then slaughter and dress or transport them live.
None of this is insurmountable, it’s more a question of people’s drive and ambition. This would also include the work in having a pre arranged market for the meat.
I believe there is already a market so the success of this business only boils down to the question, is there commitment? So is there?

Aggravated assault in Alice hospital
@ Ian Sharp: Ian, I re-read the comment and I still don’t get it. Perhaps you could explain.

Aggravated assault in Alice hospital
@ Ninti Papa: I am unsure why you would think that fact is racism.
This morning is was in Woolworths and saw about six Aboriginal kids come in, steal some items and run out of the shop.
They stopped in the breezeway, looked at the staff, lifted their middle fingers, laughed and ran off. The fact that I mentioned they were Aboriginal does not make me racist?
When I write in a advertisement “Aboriginal identified Position” aiming to discourage whites from applying, that is racist.
If I put “White people are strongly urged to apply” would that be OK?
Because I have seen many times “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are strongly urged to apply” so why is it OK like this?
Ninti Papa, you need to look up what racism is and what it means.
Stop hiding behind the word and stand up to your responsibilities as a human being.
I don’t care what colour people are, I just expect that everyone will adopt a similar code of morality, conduct and show respect for their fellow humans.

Shooting, not selling feral camels
My question is why is the BHP Foundation funding this? Surely this should be funded by royalty money? Is there enough paid already by mining monies?
When is enough enough?

Three killed in road crash
@ Chris: As harsh as it may seem Chris, the old saying “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” rings very true.

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