Until there is one law for all Australians and not …

Comment on Will we say sorry to the Abandoned Generation in 10 years? by Kathy.

Until there is one law for all Australians and not two, one for white and one for black, this will continue and get worse.
Sending them to their community has been done, but was a failure.
Government works spent the days driving out to the communities to see if the offenders were there. Most not. What a waste of tax payers resources.
An ankle band and monitored would be the way to go. And community service would at least benefit the town a little.

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CLP candidate Mayor puts demands to Labor CM
We have had drop-in centres, this is a band aid not an answer.
The law is there for all, not just some and not others, or we are called racist.
Law braking is an offence and should be dealt with accordingly not a slap on the wrist and off you go, to do the same thing again, making other citizens lives a scary and wary place to live in Alice Springs.
If my kids were hanging around the town, I am sure the police would be making them their business.

Gas and solar: Still uneasy bedfellows
Are we going to have a debate that the Power and Water did not see the hot summer coming and their machinery was not in place?
Why are there always excuses for failure?

St Philip’s College students shine in NTCET
Congratulations St Philip’s College, teachers and students.
Just shows The Alice is a great place and we have the facilities to allow our kids to get a good education.

Warlpiri don’t want Zachary Rolfe murder trial to be in Darwin
Hold the court case at Yuendumu if the new court house in Alice Springs is not good enough.
With all this new technology we can do it. Darwin is not the be all and end all.

Council: Gallery at Anzac precinct, no to curfew
It’s amazing how the council that is meant to be representing the residents of Alice Springs is not listening to them.
How many times do the residents and the traditional owners say the same thing: Not on the Anzac Oval as this is a sacred site to ALL Alice Springs residents.
And does there need to be real violence before the government steps up and says, enough is enough with this brazen behaviour in this town?
I was in K-Mart yesterday and some young girls were helping themselves to ladies’ clothes and putting them down their pants.
On informing the sales persons at the check out, I was told that they can do nothing, (message from above) no not God.
The staff are not allowed to touch or confront these [kids].
What is the use of the wages for the so called security staff standing at the front door, if they can do nothing about this behaviour?

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