Offences against the person went up 16% in December



Offences against the person in Alice Springs went up in December last year but property offences decreased, both when compared to December 2016.


According to figures released today, assaults in Alice Springs rose from 171 to 209, with 71.8% “associated with alcohol”.


The corresponding figure for December 2016 was 62.6%.


The numbers of offences against the person were 197 in December 2016, rising to 229 last December, a 16% increase.


House break-ins dropped from 46 to 28, and break-ins into commercial premises, from 51 to 36.


Total property offences dropped from 447 to 404.


The offence data were extracted from the NT Police PROMIS system by the Department of Justice.






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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. Physics Bill
    Posted February 19, 2018 at 7:08 am

    How can there be 680 domestic violence incidents, but only 209 assaults (all categories) in December 2017?
    What is the difference between a domestic violence incident and a domestic violence related assault?
    Promis reports 209 assaults in Alice Springs December 2017.
    From the Alice Springs News Online article “Offenders bailed to ‘country’” posted 15 Feb: “Commander Kershaw says there were 680 domestic violence incidents in Alice alone in December and about 540 in January.”

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