Wonderful news. Hopefully the NT Government will also help the …

Comment on Road Transport Hall of Fame is saved by Jaap Vogel.

Wonderful news. Hopefully the NT Government will also help the museum to deal with the ongoing and detrimental impact of vandalism on and around the precinct.
And hopefully the volunteers arrangements to camp at the site will also be upheld.

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Gas, fracking: potential benefits to Aborigines enormous
As I have shown in “Wake Up Time” with many examples, one of the main reasons why the gap between Aboriginal and other Australians is big and growing, is the existence of a royalties maze.
An obscure network of mining companies, government and Indigenous organisations donating and collecting tremendous amounts of money without achieving results on ground.
The mines pay their way to get mining rights, and the money evaporates in this maze of corporations, land councils, government bodies and clever individuals, without making any significant difference for most people living in remote communities.
The issue raised by Erwin Chlanda in this article will – no doubt – make the existing social, economic, education and health problems even bigger.
It is time for a complete overhaul, if not abandoning, of the royalties maze.

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor