Dear Mr Hawke, if you want to try the SA …

Comment on Fracking inquiry left me thankful, fearful, focused by Bruce.

Dear Mr Hawke, if you want to try the SA and the Vic experience it goes something like this:
Energy reliability is virtually zero compared to what it used to be (when we had a coal fired power station).
Electricity prices doubled and then some to achieve the highest in the world (before the coal fired power station shut down).
Mega millions urgent investment in gas generators to keep the lights on.
If you think this is good for the environment, try this: You can’t buy a diesel generator as businesses have snapped them up. They run diesel to ensure they have electricity supply, it is cheaper than grid electricity and it is more reliable, and guess what, it produces more emissions and so your facile argument to save the planet is not practical at all.
Lovely to have such lofty ideals, just not practical, and if I were you I would fight tooth and nail for the lifting of the moratorium so you can get low cost reliable energy, since whatever change to emissions etc the NT could do would have zero impact on the global position.

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