Re: Russell Guy Posted February 27, 2018 at 7:08 am: Alice …

Comment on Chamber of Commerce in a grog Catch 22 by Paul Parker.

Re: Russell Guy Posted February 27, 2018 at 7:08 am:
Alice is reaping the results from 40 years of failure to deal appropriately with being intoxicated in public AND disturbing the peace.
Re: Laughing Posted February 27, 2018 at 9:11 am:
Both Commonwealth and NT governments needs enable Magistrates to consider where deemed appropriate to order persons appearing to be placed under partial financial management like the basics card.
Justice is NOT an appropriate task for Centrelink, or others to order persons onto the basics card.
All such mutual agreements need be registered.
Re: James T Smerk Posted February 27, 2018 at 9:18 am:
You are correct this is NOT a racial issue, it is an issue effecting originally a small section of community learning and adopting inappropriate behavior, it is that behavior needing to be corrected.
However those decisions by politicians to ignore ongoing inappropriate behavior by individuals claiming such for “cultural” or “racial” reasons was gross negligence, political cowardice, and gross racism.
It is racism to impose penalties upon individuals using only “racial identification” when they NOT found guilty of the behavior to be prevented.
Re: Gammon Posted February 27, 2018 at 9:34 am:
Everywhere alcohol is available a percentage of the population develops a problem, dealing with it requires the problem be addressed, not the symptoms, and with minimal impact upon those NOT guilty.
Legislators forget far too easily how so many of today’s problems flow from earlier legislative decisions, this one of their imposing mass racist penalties, saying “we are here to help you”.

Recent Comments by Paul Parker

Delay in Rolfe prosecution: virus, huge brief to blame
Due to COVID-19 the courts unable operate normally. For judicial matters to continue video-links provide a partial solution.
With COVID-19 social changes are happening faster than usual, many of these changes will continue long after COVID-19 is forgotten.
There are reasonable judicial concerns towards live-streaming court process to wider public.
IMHO is NOT acceptable when identified journalists, all of whom are accountable to the courts, are NOT able to receive secure live screen viewing of video-link sessions.
Justice does require accurate reporting to inform the public.

Aborigines may defy orders, come to Alice for food: CLC
In 2016 Australian census nominated ancestries showed: English (36.1%), Australian (33.5%), Irish (11.0%), Scottish (9.3%), Chinese (5.6%), Italian (4.6%), German (4.5%), Indian (2.8%), Indigenous (2.8%), Greek (1.8%), Dutch (1.6%), Filipino (1.4%), Vietnamese (1.4%), Lebanese (1%).
The insidious impact of racism is clearly visible when racial tags used in public discussions.
Australian Governments, Parliamentarians, our media at all levels regularly promote racism.
As do those who identify fellow Australians, or call for special treatment, using racial tags.


Territory Alliance looking beyond COVID-19
Does anyone really deserve long waits in Centrelink queues? Perhaps only those with appointments who turn up late.

NT closing borders to interstate arrivals
Re: Peter Posted March 22, 2020 at 8:01pm.
Hospitals may need restrict face to face visits to reduce cross-infections.
Those with mobiles already can use video-links.
Perhaps hospital can provide a small video-conference room for each ward so available at arranged times for staff and/or patients to be able to video-conference.
This is suggested to aged care services facing restriction on visits to residents.

Coronavirus strategies in the bush still a work in progress
For many activists their primary goal is to maintain separation and dependencies of our families in rural and remote communities, delaying learning skills we all need to improve our own lives in our wider, modern, and far more comfortable, world.
The corporate Land Owner Trust(s) exclude themselves from being held responsible and accountable for living conditions they as the corporate land owners are responsible for.
Communities are obtaining housing, radio, and TV.
Communities need to use internet to educate themselves.
Reducing public group close contact, better general cleaning, provision and regular use of soap are essential.
We do not need treat everyone like idiots.
Those identified as infected need be isolated within caring environments.
COVID-19 aka Coronavirus is spreading, most who get it will have it mild.
Our goal is to reduce number of deaths while it spreads.
Our most at risk are a small section of our population.
We need educate those at risk, and assist them.
For those with serious risk, required is lesser contact with others.
We need reduce deaths whilst we build up an immunity.
Social distancing does not requiring being locked away, being “managed” to deny you your right for family, relations, others to visit you when you want.
Those who fail their own basic self-management are those most likely to be forcibly managed.

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