@ 1 Paul Parker: Agree totally Paul. Will add though, …

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@ 1 Paul Parker: Agree totally Paul. Will add though, that if pollies were held accountable for the decisions they make whilst in office and afterwards, perhaps they may think a little harder!
This knee jerk reaction (reactive behaviour) needs to cease immediately.
We are all held accountable for the errors me made, so why aren’t the pollies?

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Thinking big, anyone?
As I understand it, Australian steel has always been good quality. It was manufactured with the correct quantities of the elements that made it right for any given job. I have seen paragraphs where Australian Steel is a specification. As different to imported steels using Australian iron ore.
Whilst labour costs is Australia are quite high, compared to I guess China, the finished proven product is almost certainly worth the “extra” cost in the long run. Manufacturing in Australia was allowed to be decimated by the various governments. It costs thousands of jobs and the associated costs with that.
There is no reason why we couldn’t export steel rather than iron ore. There is no reason why we couldn’t export aluminium instead of bauxite.
Time to look at the true “costs” and pursue the sustainability that seems to be a current buzz word. Cheap should never be confused with value. There are a lot of us that want cheap and value and that is an unrealistic expectation.
The COVID-19 saga has highlighted our vulnerability to certain countries, through our own (supported by our Government) greed and short sightedness.
Time to take stock and see what is truly sustainable and start manufacturing in Australia and keeps jobs here.

Printed Centralian Advocate soon to fold
Well great news from my perspective. Everyone jumping on the support local, but the Murdoch group is hardly Local. I don’t recall ever seeing an ad from the NT Goverment in the Alice Springs News, which I think is very hypocritical considering they are one of the buy local advocates.
It just clicked, perhaps when they were told they should be advocates, the minions mistakenly thought the bosses meant to place the ads in the Advocate, instead of the local paper, the Alice Springs News!
So let’s not pretend anymore and start supporting local and now that the Advocate is gone, I guess there will be at least some ads placed by the government we own and the Town Council we also own.

CLP on royalties: Would miners still call the tune?
It makes me feel so inspired, warm and fuzzy when people use Latin to show their superiority (especially pollies). Makes is all rush for google and enlighten our ignorance and feel so much better for understanding Polly Speak.
Calculation of royalties is not that hard. We don’t need any Latin in the calculations I don’t think.
Everyone just needs to be fair and honest.
Agree on the formula and miraculously you can work out the numbers from there or if fortuna favet audaci, you can use an abacus.
For goodness sake why do we waste so much time on political nonsense when it could be so easy.

Mayor, Deputy let council flounder
It’s a better show than “Survivor” but unfortunately these people are in charge of our town and the millions we pay in rates! I’d expect a better show, perhaps like “Big Brother”.
Never heard of so much buck passing since I worked for the NTG.
Time for a major reshuffle or a different system of governance for the town.

Standoff over Anzac Oval for gallery crescendoes
@ 4 Merrilyn Spencer: I am astounded that you believe the gallery “is a life line for our collapsed tourism industry”.
Such shallow thinking entitles you to run for politics!
There are so many other factors that bring tourists and art in Alice is not one of them.
Value for money, a safe place, feeling welcome and of course the sights.
Unfortunately we fail on three of the four items.
Caravan sites are way too expensive compared to most other states, the government and town council ensure the tourists and locals aren’t safe. Feeling welcome has a lot to do with feeling safe and respected.
The sights, well there are a multitude of beautiful and interesting sites to be seen, in and around Alice.
Perhaps people just need to take a break from their phones, TVs and other distractions and enjoy some of the best views and outings and weather in Australia.
So, is the gallery location really that important in the scheme of things? I say NOT.

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