The Aboriginal flag is a National Flag of Australia, one …

Comment on Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill: it’s not over yet by OMG.

The Aboriginal flag is a National Flag of Australia, one of only three, and is governed by a Commonwealth Act, therefore voiding the requirement for only locals to sign the petition.
The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet state that permission is not needed to fly a National Flag so why are they being forced to ask permission and petition?
These women are not as ignorant as some like to think. In fact they are exercising their express right, enforcing a Commonwealth Law and acting out the strength and smart they claimed in their original statement. Go ladies, show what real community consultation looks like!

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Councillors send message to Jacinta Price
About time! She is only a name on paper! She does not have Aboriginal people at heart. It’s all about her. Change the record, Jacinta, you’re dancing to the wrong beat.

Custodians decline meeting with council on gallery
Good job! Thats what they get for trying to play (Aboriginal) people against each other.
All their underhanded and dishonest tactics backfired on them. Whilst trying to divide (Aboriginal) people, they have succeeded (unwittingly) to unite people and TOs.

Mayoral temper flares over accountability
How can someone earn so much money in a leadership capacity for so long and not make positive changes!?

Compromise was needed to save youth crime plan
@ Neil Woolcock. I was also at the meeting and your account of what happened is spot on!
I was not suprised at Price’s lack of support – nothing new!
The failure of Paterson to even pay attention was surprising – isn’t he Aboriginal?
The Mayor’s rudeness and disrespect was shameful and Auricht was on a mission. God knows what it was though!

Deputy NT Administrator sacked as CEO of CAALAS
My father was BORN and raised in Alice Springs and has lived here ALL his life.

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