This petition is to ask the local council to fly …

Comment on Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill: it’s not over yet by Laurence.

This petition is to ask the local council to fly the Aboriginal flag on ANZAC Hill.
So therefore it is a local issue and as such should only be available to local input or only have the local petitioners be counted.
The bandwagon jumpers that have added their two cents’ worth to this community discussion will only cause more confusion and cloud the issue further.
From a population of about 27,000(ish) having a thousand signatures is an insignificant number, less than 4% of the population, and that is without dismissing the “non-local” input.

Recent Comments by Laurence

Stop spending billions on warfare and put healthcare first
Wowsers, can it be possible.
“More than 600 people, including many prominent Australians, as well as many organisations have endorsed this statement.”
Out of a population of over 25 million, wow this letter will certainly cause a ruckus in the corridors of power.

Melbourne COVID outbreak: Time to stop eating meat
Wow. Consuming meat is linked to so many diseases. Absolutely shocking.
Perversely, non consumption it seems is only linked to silliness.
Thank you Mimi for being proof positive of this.

Council: yes to protecting NT drinking water from fracking, no to declaring a climate emergency
Perhaps we could declare a climate emergency for the Old Eastside. So many ferals producing copious amounts of hot air is certainly cause for … amusement
If only virtue signalling was a marketable commodity your loyal readers could retire comfortably, preferably elsewhere.

Snooping bureaucrats, clinics for Aborigines only
Ms Roullet is usually very vocal on those that use pseudonyms always invoking words of disdain for those that do – unless it seems you agree with her.
But the funny thing is, this interesting sidelight is a direct comparison with people on “issues of concern” when asked for proof of the latest “hot topic” all we tend to receive are cry’s of “denier” and denunciations of the opposing viewpoint.
Go figure.

Scullion and Price charged for PM’s reception
Typical over-reaction by small minded and petty local politicians, just so glad [they] are still the minority.

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