A great review, Kieran, applying Brady’s findings to the local …

Comment on ‘Proper’ drinking: elusive goal but how hard have we tried? by Matt Devareux.

A great review, Kieran, applying Brady’s findings to the local context.

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‘Jasper Jones was just too much for me’
Great comment Craig! I always feel this same foreboding driving through tiny WA wheatbelt towns. Established with such optimism in the great Australian agrarian experiment, they now just seem sad and kind of desperate, especially for the townie kids. Solidly built banks and Institutes stand empty and the internet-savvy cockies drive straight through on their way to Perth to drop the kids at boarding school. It’s always a relief to quickly pass through and get back out into the wide empty spaces again.

Volunteers create native seed banks in buffel fight
Another gem from legendary astute observer of arid lands ecology Peter Latz, suggesting that buffel, stillborn calves, and dingo numbers may be linked.
This is the way to get buffel control on the agenda; by getting it off the agenda of the cattle industry.

Buffel inaction makes mockery of parks hype
Aaahh … buffel, one of those mercenary African grasses like kikuyu that must be heavily grazed by wave after wave of hungry migrating herbivores or … well, you know what happens if you don’t. What a mistake it was.
Don’t let them tell you that buffel alleviated the dust of the 1960s. The incredibly wet 70s with its associated tree and shrub germination and growth, along with the cessation of grazing close to town (milk goats included) probably did more.
One of your commentators asks what cattle grazed in the decades before buffel.
Sadly there were a multitude of more nutritious native perennial grasses that fulfilled the same role as buffel in the same relatively fertile land types but which were not adapted to continuous grazing pressure.
Most Australian grasses can be grazed hard but they need a long rest to recover. It just didn’t suit the business model, lack of water points, labour, fencing, markets, etc. So those desperately keen scientists which the NT provided such a haven for after the scare of WW2 found solutions.
No easy answers to introduced species running amok, especially when all sides don’t agree on the seriousness of the issue like they did (do) with rabbits for example.
Really though, just $52,000 for control! C’mon stump up some real dosh for some of the iconic spots in the Macs at least.

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