Very good review. Envious! …

Comment on ‘Proper’ drinking: elusive goal but how hard have we tried? by Rolf Gerritsen.

Very good review. Envious!

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The financial crisis in the Northern Territory
Bob is right on the money here.

Census: Tell them you’re Indigenous, says academic
I have read all those comments. Most informative, especially Alex (who has a memory of elephantine proportions!). I want to reiterate my central point. This is about money. Per Gary Foley, while money is allocated on the basis of identity, equality loses.

Grog gets grilling as election’s top issue
I wasn’t at either forum, so don’t know if this was discussed, but will have my tuppenworth anyway. One idea worth trying is to get the excise on grog to be changed to a per unit alcohol regime. Would raise the price of cheap plonk (probably the sources of much of the trouble associated with alcohol) and not affect aesthetes like me (who just drink Grange) very much.
Be bad luck for whisky drinkers and good for beer drinkers. However, this is Federal policy and the Federal governments of both persuasions are reluctant to offend the wine industry.

‘TROUBLE mirrors our ugly parts: we can learn from this.’
Unfortunately I missed the launch but have read the book. It is very good, a sophisticated and nuanced analysis of horrible happenings in our town.
I think the government has to look closely at Russell Goldflam’s view that the legal system needs to look at how people are. We are not all equal (the same) before the law.

Friendly town with great opportunities gets 58 new Aussies
When I was naturalised with my parents in 1957, most of these new Aussies would not have been allowed to immigrate. The nation and its people have made great progress in my lifetime. Welcome to these new New Australians.

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