Well written, Maya. It would be a travesty of common …

Comment on Who put Anzac Oval on the agenda as site for art gallery? by June Gower.

Well written, Maya. It would be a travesty of common sense. I love art but I’m certain that there are more sport followers in this town than dedicated gallery visitors.

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‘Save Anzac Oval’ motion defeated
It’s a disgrace, disregarding the result of an expensive survey of peoples’ opinion. No surprise that all levels of government are held with suspicion.

Gallery at Anzac: Council has no position, says Deputy Mayor
Should they proceed with the NT Government’s decision to do exactly what they want, it would seem that the local council is quite irrelevant.
If the opinion of the ratepayers is ignored, it’s just another waste of time and money.

Unpredictable, unaligned and undaunted: Cr Eli Melky
How to vote cards are a huge waste of money and paper. People should do their own research to find out who is going to represent them best.

Advocate: Getting it wrong on their big day
Congratulations to you both for providing us with really interesting news.
Like us, I expect many people buy the Advocate for the TV programmes, which are frequently wrong. Their spelling is abysmal too!

Melanka development break-through: Work starts next week
Wonderful idea, which developed into a fantastic weekend experience for all participants! Congratulations!

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