Silence from the ABC about this. …

Comment on Kittles car yard hit again by Resident.

Silence from the ABC about this.

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If you can climb Mt Everest and in Yosemite, why not Uluru?
I agree Alex, also the other argument by Parks Australia was the fact that fewer and fewer people want to climb it. The fact is that the climb was closed for something like 80% during the time of their survey.

Multi-pronged effort saves river giant: better late than never
All very warm and gooie, but the simple question is who and what started the fire in the first place?

Gunner a no-show at young Round Table presentation
Typical, more to come. Darwin is the focus for this mob.

Tourism, parks under one hat: great opportunity
Really Phil, they are a lot of words but did she say anything?
Will Alice sleep well tonight knowing that what was built on previously will actually continue to grow?

Economic development: Who’s got it right?
Greetings from Mexico, love the story amigo, now time for a siesta.

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