I have said it before and ill say it again. …

Comment on Kittles car yard hit again by Chris.

I have said it before and ill say it again. Find out which community they belong to, and when it comes time to receive royalty money, take the money that is owed from that community including administration fees, and let them know why they can’t afford their new cars.
See what happens to the youth then.

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Use your dollar to force fuel prices down: Murray Stewart
@ Kristal: As I said, I am happy to stand corrected on that part not being familiar with that site and hearing it second hand.
But you have just gone on to prove my point, there are many reasons why prices are the way they are, and the level of service and service options can vary drastically.
But if everyone goes for the cheapest option, and keeps forcing the prices down by boycotting, then you reap what you sow.
One example would be pricing the smaller competition out of the market.
Once they are crushed, then the giants can really make us hurt.
Have you tried flying out of Alice Springs lately?
You only need to look at the dairy industry. Giants kept screwing farmers until the point that they had to sell up.
Now have a good look at which country owns a lot of Australia’s dairy farms.
Similar things can happen in Murray’s industry too, if people continually push prices and boycott businesses just because someone can do it cheaper, then maybe he won’t have enough money to spend in town and support other businesses, maybe he won’t be able to pay rent etc. leaving further holes in town.
I also think people should stop demonising petrol stations also. Sure, some are corporate giants that don’t care, but others are small local businesses.
They are not the only businesses that may have had to increase margins to survive the virus situation.

Use your dollar to force fuel prices down: Murray Stewart
Now I like Murray, I think he is a very inspirational person, but on this case, I think he has it wrong and is very shortsighted.
Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t his recommended station a self serve station so has no employees. Is that what we want other businesses to aspire to?
Sack the employees and just have automated terminals? How is that going to help town?
Now let’s just say the average person uses 50 litres of fuel per week and boycotts peoples employment to save say 4c a litre for a total saving of $2 a week. Is it worth it?
Is it worth peoples’ employment?
I wonder how Murray would feel if the same scrutiny was put on his employment or business and it was boycotted to save around $30 a week as it can be done?
For the record, I do not recommend this as I know many small businesses are on different playing fields with vastly different costs and services.
What I do recommend is try and look a bit deeper, and see where the money does go.
Does the money stay in town?
Do they employ many locals?
Is it a small business that is providing some level of competition and is struggling or is it a corporate giant? etc.
Just because it is cheaper, doesn’t always mean better in the long run.

COVID spitters are grubs, idiots, and lowlife: Gunner
So if you spit on someone, you are a grub that deserves to be punished. What happened to the grub in Don Dale that was assaulting and spitting on people?
That’s right, the poor grub was given an apology and then you shut the facility down, and what has happened?
A massive increase in crime of which you deny is happening.
I just hope not everyone has a short memory come election time.

COVID: Trouble in the bush
Couldn’t agree more with regards to pushing the communities together.
Not only would this save millions of dollars, it would also improve there own welfare as well as the welfare of the ones that are helping in the community.
Resources wouldn’t be as stretched.
I know some people say there would be an issue with warring families.
But it is time for them to be dragged in to the 21st century and to realise that its no longer white man’s fault and they can be in control of their own situation.
With regards to overcrowding, I would have thought the answer was simple.
If you can’t provide for your family, then don’t have one.
It is not up to the rest of the population to provide for those that choose not to work.
People aren’t even trying with housing, let’s face it, I have seen the ingenuity that some of these community people have with getting their vehicles running or making bongs, so why can’t they use it to make some housing?

COVID-19 news: Alice Springs woman diagnosed
This whole border thing is a joke. We at Kulgera Roadhouse have seen so many people from interstate come through, with most on their way to Darwin, potentially spreading the disease as they go.
I even asked a couple in a backpacker van where they were going to quarantine.
They told us they hadn’t decided yet, probably a national park and that they were self contained in their van anyway.
I asked where their toilet and shower were as clearly they did not have one.
Their response: “I guess we aren’t self contained.” But were quite happy to continue their travels regardless.
It seems to me we are ruining the economy only to have the selfish carry on anyway no doubt very happy with the extra money the government is handing out.

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