So, these people get the rangers to escort them from …

Comment on Cr Satour wants answers on ‘verbal abuse & violence threat’ by Michael Dean.

So, these people get the rangers to escort them from the car park to the chambers. While the rest of us run the gauntlet alone walking the streets, going to the shops etc.
The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

Recent Comments by Michael Dean

Stuart statue should have King Charley as opposite
“Wouldn’t it be great to see a statue of Kite or Irrapmwe in dialogue with Spencer or Gillen?”
Terrific idea, would love to see it!

NT borders to open July 17
With the increase of reported cases in Victoria going up, might want to rethink this one.

Let’s have a local Masters Games, says Gerry Wood
This is on a different tangent I accept, but I was thinking about any new events we could get going.
Indulge me, a rally or journey of Rolls Royce vehicles, from Adelaide to Darwin via Alice Springs.
The coverage could be incredible for the NT, and the footage of new and old Royces travelling the outback highways would be great footage for the NT.
I’m only assuming, but there could be interest and it might require government help, but just a thought.

‘Greener, safer, cooler’ CBD designs released
Looks good, but wonder if some of the seating arrangements will need to be altered in this new post pandemic era we now find ourselves in.

Your CBD, their plans
Seems to be a pattern when it comes to this sort of thing
That end of the Mall is becoming one of the most redeveloped white elephants around.

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