@ Laurence. It’s her work and night shift. There is …

Comment on Pack of girls attacked me, says Chinese on working holiday by Thea.

@ Laurence. It’s her work and night shift. There is no way a little girl like her should walk home at night. The reason she speaks out is to remind other residents or travelers to be more careful.
What’s most important, shouldn’t the Alice Springs council do something to prevent this?
These cases happened more than once. It’s a bad image for Alice Springs.
I feel so shameful for those criminals. In any other country, you just can’t imagine how a group of kids can be so evil.
Someone needs to be held responsible and accountable for it.
Shouldn’t alcohol be banned for people without conscience and reason?
Shouldn’t a curfew be adopted to prevent a group of kids hanging around at night?
Shouldn’t money be invested to get those kids educated?
It’s more than an accident. It’s a social problem now.

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