@ Local1: Yep agree, the employer has responsibilities, BUT this …

Comment on Pack of girls attacked me, says Chinese on working holiday by Surprised!.

@ Local1: Yep agree, the employer has responsibilities, BUT this is not about the employer.
Please don’t try to shift the focus of topic, or you risk being labelled a pollie!
This is about animalistic behaviour, lets deal with that issue. Involving other parties is a pathetic attempt to shift responsibility.
In addition, if it wasn’t for this continuous types disgusting behaviours, the employer wouldn’t even be implicated anyway.

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Pack of girls attacked me, says Chinese on working holiday
Well done to the police.
So now, a damn good talking too and a metaphorical slap on the wrist and our thoughts will be diverted to the new art centre.
Hopefully this may kickstart Ms Wakefield’s career into child welfare and the consequences of breaking the law.
I live in hope.

Pack of girls attacked me, says Chinese on working holiday
When did we accept that the norm is to “not park there, for fear our car will br trashed, stay inside after dark, be careful when walking or jogging, don’t go away for fear your house may be broken into.”
What’s wrong with everyone? Why do we put up with this crap in such a great town?
So now should I buy pepper spray or a taser, just to protect myself? Sure it’s illegal, but continual FA by the pollies will eventually force normal law abiding citizens into taking these kinds of measures in order to defend their personal safety.
Then of course, the do gooders will jump on the wagon with the poor little darlings had a hard childhood. Well, plenty of others did too, but that doesn’t give them the right to act like wild animals.
Why should we have to live like this?

Pack of girls attacked me, says Chinese on working holiday
Very disgusting. If it was a polly’s daughter we may see some real action, but alas we we’ll see some asinine, politically correct political promises, like we’re “Gunner” do this.
When will we actually do something to prevent this?

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Aborigines may defy orders, come to Alice for food: CLC
@ David “Shallow Minded”: My friends’ recent two trips to the UK were watch their 34 year old daughter die from cancer.
The daughter left behind her Husband and four children the youngest of whom is three years old. This was just before the start of the Coronavirus peak.
I would suggest that this does not make them one of the “Trendies, Beautiful people or Privileged” as you put it.
I am sure there are many people who have had the need to travel, not necessarily for holidays. The virus doesn’t discriminate and very fortunately they weren’t affected.
Yours and other’s generalisation has made things hard for ALL skin colours, Whites, Blacks, Yellows, Greens and Striped.

Aborigines may defy orders, come to Alice for food: CLC
@ Frank Baarda: Frank, I think you’ll find we are not so worried about the genie getting out of the communities but getting in to them.
As far as your “these comments” goes, I am sure it’s not a race thing so let’s not conveniently make it so.
Everyone is concerned about people moving about unnecessarily and without consideration for others or the consequences, regardless of their race, culture or religion.

Aborigines may defy orders, come to Alice for food: CLC
@ Psuedo Guru:
Yep do or die, it’s pretty simple.
@ Harry Storch:
Unsure Harry who is running anyone down. Fact is fact.
Don’t like it, then do something to make a positive change for the benefit of ALL.

A fourth Central Australian case diagnosed
The Federal stats on their app, as of 06.00 this morning, says NT only has 18 cases!
I would believe Alice Springs News over the Feds. It’s pretty shit that the Feds can’t get the correct information to people though.

COVID lockdown: Nearby residents not informed
Alcohol rehab being used as an isolation facility!
Why has an alcohol rehab facility been chosen?
Do they have nursing staff based at the site?
Are they a medical facility?
I am pretty certain that there are not enough alcohol rehab beds available in the area now and this will only exacerbate an existing problem.
Where are the people needing rehab going to?
Even if the NTG manage that bit, what about the fact that we already have a major alcohol crisis in the NT and now that CAAAPU have shut the rehab beds what will the fallout be!
What a disgrace.
Maybe the government is about to shut the bottle shops too, so no more grog.
How will our hospital and the residents deal with the alcohol withdrawal, I hope they (NTG) have plenty of spare beds and police.

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