Law and Order and Flood Mitigation first. Or idiots will …

Comment on Gallery poll: less than 40% wanted Anzac Oval by Psuedo Guru.

Law and Order and Flood Mitigation first. Or idiots will destroy the Art Gallery – then it will wash away. LOL

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Town under pressure from visitor boom
Uluru climb must remain forever, or goodbye Central Oz tourism and Alice Springs employment.

Even unpaid fines are spiralling out of control: Opposition
The NT must attract residents and Uluru must remain open – like closing Bondi Beach when drown drown?

Four years after power warnings, old engines still carry load
Urgent infrastructure required – OR THE LIGHTS GO OUT.

VIDEO: Watch yourself in the NAIDOC march this morning
Do the crime, do the time. Elders must show leadership to youth by working hard.

New coalition gears up for NT election
NT Election: Current government wasted money and taxpayers suffer. Politicians must honour promises.

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