Well said, Alex. As usual every department is blaming each …

Comment on Second Barkly child tragedy highlights need for urgent action by Local.

Well said, Alex. As usual every department is blaming each other rather than looking in their own back yard.
Don’t keep asking for more hand outs, get in there and do the job properly that you are already getting paid to do. Go into the places, talk to the people who are affected.

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Ministers lash out at council over gallery
Garth, totally agree with you, plus the council chambers were paid for by the rate payers so the they should have a say in the matter as well!

Cattle in parks: Fences impractical, says department
So Jimmy and Rosalie: Birds, camels, kangaroos, dingoes and all other animals don’t spread seeds or eat vegetation or go through fences, and don’t damage parks land? Is that what you are saying?

Youth workers on the streets from 8pm to 3am
Why isn’t the night patrol doing its job anyway?

Aboriginal gallery: rushed business case yet immediate start?
Erwin, did you expect get a answer from Dale or the government? When they don’t know what there doing themselves!

Now $90m earmarked for Aboriginal gallery
Put the big top up. The CIRCUS is defently in the TERRITORY PARLIAMENT! Starring GUNNER and HIS CLOWNS!

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