This can’t be fixed by simply hiring more public servants …

Comment on Second Barkly child tragedy highlights need for urgent action by Michael Dean.

This can’t be fixed by simply hiring more public servants …

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Second Barkly child tragedy highlights need for urgent action
Bit simplistic and unrealistic to ban all alcohol, Phil.
The government gets tax from the sale of alcohol, where is the money going to come from to reimburse hotels, pubs and bottleshops that would be shut down.
Not to mention all the people put out of work in the pubs and delivery drivers, warehouse staff.
And the impact to the tourism industry would be horrific Territory wide.
It would only start up convoys of cars going interstate empty and coming back loaded with grog to sell on the black market.
Prohibition didn’t work before and it wouldn’t work again, just like the BDR.

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$10m upgrade instead of new youth detention centre
Did I read that correctly: “Adding an additional offence only adds to the paperwork for frontline police and does not add value to the outcome.”
Where does this elected member live? In fairyland?
If you start doing it for some you have to do it for all. We are all equal under the law.
Letting somebody breach bail and get no offence because they are young is emboldening them to offend more.

Bringing Arrernte language into town signage
If people think some local language signs are going to make Alice Springs a better place to live and more attractive to tourists, you need your head examined.
Reduction in crime and lower air fares, that’s where you need to start and build from that.

Ghan walk: Signs of the times
You only noticed the signs out the front of the Post Office because they were directly opposite your electorate office Conlan.
Ministers should be thinking more about the portfolios they hold rather than infighting.

Youth workers on the streets from 8pm to 3am
Finally. Some hope for long suffering Alice Springs residents. Hope it starts tonight actually. Curious as to why everything stops at 3am though, but it’s a great start.

The evasive closing gap: Focus must be on kids, says Morrison
How about closing the gap on crime in the NT?

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