The Melanka site apparently is too small and has too …

Comment on Art gallery: Door slammed on Desert Park by James T Smerk.

The Melanka site apparently is too small and has too many trees that can’t be moved.
But really I think they are trying to avoid trouble hot spots like that, and instead of dealing with the trouble issue it’s easier just to pee off most of the town.

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Gunner the statesman short on facts for Centre
Anyone not residing at home in these times is an flaming idiot. We have all had enough warnings to get home from wherever, travelling not is just plain stupidity. Clear and simple.

COVID-19 ‘ignorance’ as large crowd attacks police
And after the coming tragedy of deaths in communities will come the calls that the Government didn’t do enough. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

CBD revitalisation no show all council’s fault?
Nothing can fix the mall until crime is fixed. Just look at the people the other day robbed by a coordinated gang twice in a matter on minutes. The mall is the new ‘Gap Road’ of town, somewhere you don’t go walking at night.
I challenge anyone to get a taxi from the airport and ask the driver what is the town like? I bet you get a response full of warnings.
Stop wasting money when it is required elsewhere.

Coronavirus strategies in the bush still a work in progress
It’s obvious to me it will reach communities and will travel fast and widespread due to conditions and habits.

Gunner’s native title deal not what it seems to be
Money rules the world and buys everything.

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