Still waiting to hear from the native title corporation Lhere …

Comment on Art gallery: Door slammed on Desert Park by Mabel.

Still waiting to hear from the native title corporation Lhere Atepe that represents TOs of the Arrente country.
This is a matter of great importance as the ANZAC Hill is of great significance to these people.
It is in the municipal boundaries of Alice Springs, you people are allowed to talk and not be trodden on.
This is where the mayor has long been advocating the site of a art gallery.
Congestion already exists and the building of one was and is his preferred location.
But sadly it will only bring grief and will congest the centre even more.
So Lhere Artepe chairman and CEO – make a statement and support to keep that area as it is!

Mabel Also Commented

Art gallery: Door slammed on Desert Park
This is a centre that will fail. The Mayor of Alice Springs has failed his people in advocating to re-invigorate the northern end of the mall by building an Art Centre.
What is Lhere Atepe doing about this ridiculous choosing of the location, where is the chairman and the CEO in all this, why haven’t they made a comment about this stupid decision?

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CAAMA ‘drowning in debt’: Regulator
@ Dave: Good one, ha ha.

CAAMA ‘drowning in debt’: Regulator
CAAMA is undeniably needed for the whole community both remote and urban. Not disputing this. There have been issues with the CEO, the chairman and the board’s management.
What’s important is that this is acknowledged.
Remote people love listening to CAAMA, all up the highway and towards the north, south, east and west. Black fellas, white fellas, yellow fella, all kind of fella.
A special administrator has been appointed and judging on past, the past won’t be a part of the future in regards to what happens.

CAAMA ‘drowning in debt’: Regulator
These same people assume the self appointed opinions that they are Aboriginal people with intelligence greater than most other Aborigines. Its quite laughable. Foxtrot1 and Nimble are across it all.
They distinctly recruited the Yeperenye CEO to pull them out of the poop. He’s part of the problem. IAD, CAAMA, Pioneer Football Club are three of the standouts.
Hope the black town doesn’t have to deal with these people anymore!

CAAMA: No news is good news?
What about Mr Yeperenye?

Native title organisation has $3.7m in the bank
Of course they have a lot of money, this is due to only having two people on the payroll, the chairman and his company vehicle which he has used for his private business, and the CEO who does nothing and has got a huge salary plus all the benefits that come with it.
He has sat on boards and always been invited as “the man” but sadly done jack all!
Thank God, he’s leaving.
To say that it’s been great management is not a really good comment people, it’s been inactive production!

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