Why is the art centre not placed across the …

Comment on Art gallery: Door slammed on Desert Park by Jack.

Why is the art centre not placed across the road of Yirara College? Ready made work force combined with education. Showcasing the young peoples’ talent to the world.

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Black lives: generations pass; racism, custody deaths continue
All life matters.

Council’s ‘buy local’ policy extended in favour of local traders
Buy local? Very few places give a discount, plus going into a shop I am not your sweetie, love, darl, or the way I am dressed. Time to re think about your customer service.
Don’t ignore me as I am more than happy to shop online.

COVID-19 news: Alice Springs woman diagnosed
Very sad how many are still not washing their hands.

When online shopping could be a life saver
The army cannot come in or move as they will have to be tested.
Currently people should only have to get their weekly shop or just the odd bits and pieces. Looking at people creating the mass hysteria need to really take a look at what they are doing to create this.
Very sad. Very selfish.
We have forgotten the bush fires already and we have to remember this could be all over once the next disaster happens. There are more people that are starving, homeless, in medical and mental needs, in this world. How selfish are we.

Thief snatches fortnight’s money from age pensioner
Great collection of PROMIS numbers to wallpaper a wall.

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