Anzac Oval cannot possibly be the preferred site voted in …

Comment on Art gallery: Door slammed on Desert Park by Steve Adler.

Anzac Oval cannot possibly be the preferred site voted in the brief survey by the local community. Front page of the Advocate stated 12% were not in favour and the remainder either supported or were neutral.
I didn’t vote, and I’m not in favour of the iconic Anzac Oval being the preferred site. Anzac Oval is the best central location and venue to hold outdoor events like the Masters Games and live entertainment.
What is wrong with the art centre being built out by the impressive Desert Park?
How many Australians know that exists? I think the two centres will complement each other, and bring further awareness to the Desert Park and allow that to expand and grow.
The backdrop of the outstanding ranges and come sunrise and sunset is an art painting in itself that cannot be equaled. Even the laser light show is held out there.
It’s part of the outback bush scene, and I’m sure tourists prefer that above the suburbia scene, and not to mention the inevitable humbugging that will take place. The Todd Tavern is in walking distance.
I don’t know where NT Government gets advice from, but it cannot be local content. Almost seems they’ve made their mind up and will just bully their ideas through.

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor