Thank you Rainer for sharing your insights and experience. The …

Comment on Youth crisis: broken window of tolerance by Jimmy Cocking.

Thank you Rainer for sharing your insights and experience. The more we all seek to understand the vulnerable youth in our community and support the needs of families, the better it will be. Keep up the good work.

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Rates freeze but reduction unlikely
@ Corinne: The lights were part of a decision made when the decision to widen the traffic islands were made.
I questioned why we wouldn’t have pedestrian crossings there.
The lights were part of the proposed Stage 2 to increase safety at night.
No councillor that I know saw plans for this after the original decision was made.
Council has been building light poles with solar long before I arrived on the scene. And as per “Green faction” I am environmentally aware and work towards our town being prepared for climate change and vote on what I believe to be best on a case by case basis.
@ Litmus: Please send me an email in regards to the issues you have raised. And FYI we don’t get paid half that much.
Thanks and can I recommend to all that emailing councillors if you have an issue. We can liaise with staff and get things done. Facebook and Alice Springs News comments alone do not get the action taken.

Rates freeze but reduction unlikely
@James – I can assure you that these lights were not my idea. I’d prefer to look at traffic and pedestrian flows across the whole CBD and make recommendations on some changes to the direction of traffic (eg. one way down Hartley and Bath), supporting safer cycling and ensure walkways, lighting, shade and pedestrian crossings aligned to a unified vision for the town. Solar is a sensible path forward for our town and we should be aiming for 100% with gas backup, anything less is wasting our money for the benefit of gas companies. Investing in our CBD and bringing people back will be important for town. Especially how we support our arts and entertainment industry to recover from this crisis and work with them to encourage people to get the confidence to go out again.
FYI There are no factions in Council. People have shared values and differing values. Sometimes they align, sometimes they don’t. I for one am not a member of any political party.
I agree, there are questions to be asked about these lights and I am happy to ask them at the next opportunity, which will be next Monday night.

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