Thank you for both sharing your personal and professional experience …

Comment on Youth crisis: broken window of tolerance by Jess Matteson.

Thank you for both sharing your personal and professional experience and knowledge but more so this is the clearest expression of youth in Alice I have read.
It makes complete sense, and really also shines a light into many people of all ages and race problems that so often are stereotyped or scapegoated in society.
There generally needs to be a shift towards compassion and care if this town is going to progress, as does the whole world carry issues and attitudes to do with mental illness, substance abuse and criminal activity.
I hope people can receive this information and consider it before jumping onto typical bandwagon or banter that gets nobody anywhere.

Recent Comments by Jess Matteson

Alice environmentalist is VP for Conservation Foundation
That’s because Jimmy Cocking is an excellent human being who truly cares for country and people’s health and our town’s future as well as the whole country’s future, and we should be very proud to have him as a representative of Alice Springs town council.

Fracking – what guarantees for Alice water supply?
I would highly recommend Cr Steve Brown to leave his politics to do with ALEC out of this particular situation, as I, along with hundreds of residents in Alice Springs are deeply concerned about fracking.
Fracking is one of the most frightening processes going on on the planet, if you do ANY research any where else in the world, under coal seam gas and unconventional fracturing techniques you will see massive amounts of opposition, concern, destruction and irreversible damage down to underground water systems as well as local communities.
There are campaigns in the States run by the likes of Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono with many other celebrities who have helped spread awareness of the process and dissent.
I don’t think it really suits Alice Springs desert style or morale to turn this beautiful landscape into a gas field. More importantly, I want to be a proud resident of Alice Springs who didn’t mess up water for the future generations.
I won’t be someone who sat back and watched people making decisions which lead to further local environmental destruction for the benefit of a large mining company and a government more interested in figures that futures, who can’t provide environmental assessments or be honest with the public, traditional people, or anyone else who is extremely concerned.
I am not the only one, there are HUNDREDS probably thousands if locals knew what fracking was or what the plans were in the Northern Territory.
We aren’t here for ourselves, we are also here to look after this place for those who are yet to come. Please be very careful and do your research on this one. Poisoning water isn’t something to be proud of.

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