Praiseworthy insights, Rainer. I add my voice to all those …

Comment on Youth crisis: broken window of tolerance by Rod Moss.

Praiseworthy insights, Rainer. I add my voice to all those who’ve endorse your summary.

Recent Comments by Rod Moss

A touch of light: caper white butterflies
More wonder-filled reportage from, as Daryl aptly dubs Mike, our local Attenborough.
Apart from leading readers into parts perhaps less valued by many travellers, its a relief to find these missives featuring amongst the usual drumbeats of The News.
That’s not to say that an equally serious urgency drives these brilliant snapshots.

A touch of light: native passionfruit
Yet again Mike, a brilliant article. Look forward to these regular epistles.

A touch of light: at home among the corkwoods
Mike, I anticipate more of you finely balanced and informed observations.

A touch of light: sculptural giants
Another urgent message, Mike, that I only hope finds responses from those elected to perform the necessary tasks you’ve outlined.

A touch of light: termite alates
Another brilliant piece Mike. Keep these raptures rolling! They draw us closer to the world at large.

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