Clean up your Government house OR go sleep under the …

Comment on Delayed report castigates government over town camps by Psuedo Guru.

Clean up your Government house OR go sleep under the stars. Taxpayers are sick of fixing bad tenants’ mess.

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US military base in Darwin: what risk to NT?
Should transfer Marines to Alice Springs.

Debt-ridden govt wrests control of debt-free Transport Hall
Beware, the NT Government can’t even run a raffle. LOL.

Alice misses out again on Qantas pilot academy
Qld Labor government: $83bn debt, promises concessions to Qantas to secure the second pilot academy?

Is it time for a First Nations university?
Reality says it won’t work. So many ideas from dreamers – who pays?

IAD under external administration
Taxpayers are sick of losers. Reduced taxpayer funds means failure for most Indigenous entities.

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