What a disgrace. No social licence. People voted this government …

Comment on Fracking OK, but under ‘strict laws’ – Gunner by Andrew Connelan.

What a disgrace. No social licence.
People voted this government in for their NO FRACKING position.
The benefits for the average Territorian will be minimal despite all the hype – and who wants to think about all the money the government has thrown at this industry already?
I am disgusted.

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Anonymous donation doesn’t fix conflict of interest for council
800k for security cameras? What a bad joke. You know that it now costs money to access the footage. Another gift to CLP mates! A good earner if you get the contract but seriously Scullion has done sweet bugger all for Alice Springs Town Council
Helping prevent crime. Whatever!

New energy for anti fracking campaign
The Northern Territory Government has completely broken faith with Territorians. The fracking industry has no social license.
If there has been one clear truth over recent years it is that people don’t want a fracking industry here.
No amount of government cash thrown into PR spin will change that.

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