@ Gammon: Sorry for my lack of knowledge. But I …

Comment on ‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans by Mabel.

@ Gammon: Sorry for my lack of knowledge. But I was under the impression that Lhere Atepe were the rep body of the Arrente people in the municipal area of Alice Springs.
To provide some clarity, my original comment was aimed at the CEO and the Chairman who both are “Unknowns” in this area.
Why aren’t the Arrente people saying it through their voice boxes? Can they handle an art centre here or there or nowhere?

Mabel Also Commented

‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans
Still no noise from the Antulye Aboriginal corporation, sorry I mean the Lhere Atepe Aboriginal corporation, the Native Title rep body which is supposed to hold Alice Springs Town Council and the NT Government accountable and responsible about the town’s direction.
The chairman is a growing joke and so is the CEO.
Where are all the blackfellas from this country with the balls to get up and have a go?

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Bottle shop cops need to be brought into line: local chain
IGAs are much needed necessities to the function of this wonderful town that is sadly being ripped apart by the ever growing effect and impact of alcohol.
What Peter Holden and Sally McMartin have to acknowledge here is that people do use the IGAs to do shopping – food shopping, that is.
Getting alcohol from these places has to stop if the town is to improve and make a point.
Remove the PALIs, well, then remove the sale of alcohol and see how much more people start using the IGAs for shopping.
I am very confident that you will see an increased flow of traffic who are there getting food and other products that the IGAs sell.
I’m not joking!

How many Welcomes to Country is too many?
Poker machine money!

Man’s Best Friend is not the council’s
Oooo, the wooly jumper wearing, tofu eaters of the Eastside have been told to tie up Molly, Nancy and Tom, the dogs. They won’t like that, ha ha.

More heat over Albrecht Oval lights, council digs in
What a sad old town Alice is becoming, the town needs lights, it needs another Coles,it needs another Woolworths, it needs another Macdonalds. Come on you bunch of wooly jumper wearing, stuck in the 70s clowns. Progress the town.

15-year-old charged with rape in Todd Mall
Monkey see monkey do!

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