Look out for firebug in Ilparpa area, say firies

MODIFIED: For all fires call 000.


Police, firies and the Alice Springs Rural Areas Association (ASRAA) are looking for leads to a suspected firebug who has lit several blazes in the Ilparpa area.


ASRAA president Rod Cramer, who with his brother Lance has helped fighting the fires, says: “Please be on the lookout for suspicious activity. To report grass fires and fires threatening houses and lives ring 000.”


Alice Springs fire station commander John Kleeman says crews attended five fires in the past four days in the Ilparpa Road and Honeymoon Gap areas.


“These fires didn’t start themselves,” he says. “We definitely think there is someone lighting fires in the area and are urging rural residents and property owners to be aware.”


Bushfires NT and the NT Fire and Rescue Services have assisted the Alice Springs Fire crews in maintaining a fire watch in the affected areas.


Mr Kleeman said as of May 1 fire permits would be reissued to rural property owners so they can clear their blocks.


“We’re coming into the cooler months which means rural property owners need to prioritise the maintenance of their fire breaks, clear their blocks and have an emergency evacuation plan in place.


“It is of the utmost importance that they do the hard work now to avoid heartbreak later on.”


– Media releases.




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