Our fair skinned Aboriginal kids went to Sadadeen having been …

Comment on Zoning: Racial segregation can start in primary school by Withheld.

Our fair skinned Aboriginal kids went to Sadadeen having been at school in a major city for all of their primary years.
I was disillusioned that they would get connected to the Indigenous community.
The school was amazing but it definitely caters for kids who come from disfunctional family life, have concentration issues, learning disability etc.
My kids were severely disadvantaged.
One kid needed only one term before high school. The other we had to remove because he was physically threatened, the classroom could not keep up to his more advanced learning needs (as the other kids were behind) and he was harassed for not being “really Aboriginal” because he didn’t speak language.
The school really [wants to help the] child but it is beyond the capabilities.
The zoning does not help. We had no choice but to take him out. We had no other choice but OLSH or Living Waters. This zoning CLEARLY profiles.

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