Our letter to the Department of the Chief Minister relating …

Comment on Zoning: Racial segregation can start in primary school by Hannah.

Our letter to the Department of the Chief Minister relating to Ross Park and Sadadeen zoning and the safety of children commuting is “currently being looking into”.
There is no pedestrian crossing for students commuting to and from school between New Eastside and Sadadeen.
Undoolya Road is very unsafe for crossing. Speed zone, the size of the roundabout, width of the roads, traffic from the Golf Course Estate to Ross Park … kids have to wait for a break and run.

Recent Comments by Hannah

Much less drunken violence an early Christmas present
Good article.
Meanwhile …
Pub found in breach of liquor laws over ‘dangerous and disturbing’ drinking levels.

Street art: life cycle of the Yeperenye in giant mural
Nice work, Mark.

Large number of cars vandalised at Araluen
These kids are out at night because they don’t want to be home. Home is not safe. These kids are faced with challenges on a daily bases beyond their capacity to cope. Loss and trauma ignites revenge. These kids are hormonal, confused and angry! This is the only way these kids know how to say “help us”! It starts at home. If we really cared about these children we would make Alice a no grog zone. For the sake of future generations this town needs to become dry! It’s a no brainer. These kids need safety and stability and for as long as alcohol is around, they won’t have this. We are kidding ourselves! Grog takeaway outlets must go! Politicians, community leaders and the people of Alice Springs need turn to global leaders for advice and attempt selfless approaches to these issues. It’s not about looking good anymore, it’s not about the money or power, it’s about selflessly saving lives.
If we really cared about the social issues in Alice Springs, we would question our personal value and belief systems and forsake our dependence and romance with alcohol for the wellbeing of others. The millions spent preventing violence can be reinvested into rehab and education programs. Get rid of the root cause and I guarantee we will see change! I’m an 80’s Alice baby and envision the town being a safe, healthy, united place as it was when I grew up. After all, facts are facts… Alcohol is a drug which makes people very ill. Bandaids don’t heal deep wounds!

Second Barkly child tragedy highlights need for urgent action
Agreed, Phil.

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